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  1. PaulADK 100

    Do salmon run out of LO into the St. Lawrence?

    Specifically, I was wondering if the Pacific Salmon ever work their way down the St. Lawrence far enough to eventually get into the Atlantic - if not, what keeps them from doing so? I know they run hundreds of miles up rivers to spawn in Alaska and Northern Canada.
  2. I have always wondered if any salmon run down the St. Lawrence. If I remember my geography, they can't run upstream because of the falls. What if anything keeps them from working their way downstream?
  3. PaulADK 100

    Source(s) of used motors

    Thanks for the suggestions. Lots of newer motors around here but nothing of an appropriate age or size. As for pictures, I have a full set from day one but they were all taken before I got a digital camera so there is no way to post. This has been a complete restoration starting with just the fiberglass shell. I must admit, I am quite proud of the results. Other than some features I built in to make the boat more fishing friendly, (rod storage racks, live well that doubles as a rear seat, etc.) it looks completely stock.
  4. PaulADK 100

    Source(s) of used motors

    It has been a long haul, seven years to be precise, but my restoration project is almost complete. She may not be the most beautiful boat in the fleet, but I doubt there are very many other 1960 Cobia's of any description still afloat. The boat is a 16' fiberglass cuddy, with all the bells and whistles from an electric anchor winch to twin down riggers and a pair of 3500GPH bilge pumps, marine radio, etc., all run by four (heavy) golf cart batteries. My next question, is what to hang off the transom? Prior to my taking possession, the boat sported a non-functional sixty horse Mercury. Unfortunately, the only larger motor I have is a 28HP Johnson. My Johnson runs great, but would probably make me underpowered for the big lake. What I would like to find is a decent (reliable) older motor in the 40/60 horsepower range. Any suggestions about where to start looking or what makes and models to avoid?