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  1. I went to WalMart and it was only $25 for non resident...not sure why...
  2. Well we are back from NY, we had a great time , wish I could have fished more but had a good time regardless...My kids had a blast catching a million bluegill,perch and catfish ...and we caught quite a few bass on dropshot using magic worms in the 4.5" length, Clear-Black Flake-Chartreuse Tail (#12 on this page) I suggest picking some of these up they work wonderful on the lake.. I didnt get any bites drop shotting other worms.... http://www.magicworms.net/WormsPages/Wo ... TWorm.html Thanks for all the tips I appreciate it...
  3. Thank for the info.....Do I need a fishing liscense in NY or some kind of permit like we are required out here in Commiefornia?
  4. Well my trip to Conesus with the family is a few weeks away now...anybody know of any reasonably priced boat rentals? We are staying at the north end of the lake in 2 of these cottages. http://www.familytiesatpebblebeach.com/ What should we expect weatherwise for middle of next month(Aug)?
  5. Thanks for the info ....looking forward to trying my hand out east....
  6. The Family and I will be heading out to Conesus lake to visit in-laws and camp on the lake in August, well myself and my two boys are avid fishermen here in San Diego mostly fishing for large Mouth Bass and Rainbow trout in reservoirs. What I'm looking for is tips for fishing this lake , is the LM Bass bite good? or should we be trying for something else?...any tackle or rigging I should anticipate bringing? , is shore fishing good or? any and all tips are appreciated, first time to be fishing outside of California. Thanks Mark
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