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  1. I am looking for a pair of fixed downrigger bases to go in a track system. Looking for 3" or 4" high to use with Big Jon downriggers.....
  2. I am looking for a set of 6" tracks and downrigger bases to go in the tracks
  3. I am in northern WI. I can ship. Not sure about shipping to Canada
  4. New in the box Shimano 300EJ reel. Has the power handle. $190.00. PM if interested
  5. Brand new in the box Abu Garcia Revo Toro 60 Winch reel. Has both handles. $190.00 TYD..PM if interested
  6. New in the box spool of 50# Spiderwire Stealth moss green. $100.00 tyd...PM if interested
  7. New in the box Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50 HS reel. Includes power handle. $190.00 to your door. PM if interested....
  8. New in the box 1,500yd spool of 80 pd Spiderwire Stealth moss green braid. $120.00 tyd. Thats less than 8 cents a yard.....PM if interested
  9. Abu Garcia 6600EXT $110.00 tyd....PM if interested
  10. Record is sold. Abu Garcia 6600EXT reduced to $120.00....PM if interested
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