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  1. I got out again tonight, caught one over 90 FOW down 30. Got it on Fly and flasher. I hope I can get out again this weekend.
  2. I finally got one, we went out off whitby and fished 125 FOW. We got him at 40 FOW with a Glow in the dark NK. I was so excited.
  3. Hey djbps, This is my first year in lake ontario as well. I have been out 3 times this year out of whitby, I have been trying orange meps, small spoons, and an assortment of stickbaits from 5 feet of water to 40 feet. Not even a hit yet, so I guess this is what not to do. lol I seem to mark most of my fish at the river mouth at pickering in about 10 feet of water. Let me know if you have any luck
  4. What are you getting them on and at what depth Thanks
  5. I got out today, I was fishing in 20-25 ft of water and marking lots of fish, but not a hit. What is the best lures to use in the spring for trolling? The water is still really cool, 39 where if was. just off whitby marina.
  6. Hey, has any one got on the lake yet. Im looking to find a open lanch. I wish this weather would go away Also does any one have any good spring techniques for salmon? Thanks, Andy
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