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  1. has anyone tried them ,the ones in cabela's can cost as much as fifty bucks. that is a little pricey in my book. maybe we could take up a collection, then have a random drawing to see who gets the first chance to break it off. let me see here.....10 spin doc. or ONE lure.....
  2. give me a ring when you catch a free minute Rollie
  3. interested in fishing the cayuta lake spring derby but..... (1) which sde of the lake is the old barney's bait's on?? (2) how do i get there from here- here is Athens/ Sarye/ Waverly?Rt.17 (3) do they have a launch there (4) is there a fee to launch/ park (5) how do i get a application thanks in advance for your replies God bless rollie
  4. hey ray, if jason does the counting you must do the fishing,so maybe i need to learn from you. sorry jason the cat is out of the bag, ray has more toes...so he can count higher. just kidding hope to see both of you on the water!!
  5. two days to figure out how to post a message on this site, no wonder i can't catch any big ones!! home town is in Pa. about 35 miles from the Ny. border, Vestal or Waverly. fish mostly on the finger lakes, Seneca being number one. i run a 16 ft. starcraft that i picked up for 350.00 inculding the trailer.it went through the '96 flood and sat with water in it until i bought it in '04. redid everything'setting it up for this game of trolling. 25 Hp merc. four stroke so i can fish for week between fill ups. gotta love that with these gas prices. scotty riggers, big jon elec. planners,lowrance electronics,both finder and gps large screen, getting old so the big ones are needed for me to see. very good and useful info. on this site (thank-you Jason) hope to join in on the fun that is shared on this site. God bless Rollie
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