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  1. I really would like to close this add but I can't figure how to do that. Sorry Capt. Bill
  2. I Appreciate all the responses, but I think I have found someone. What I'll do is save the user names of those that responded that they might be able to fill in from time to time. If the need arises that I need someone for a day or two I'll get a hold of you. For years and years I fished alone and I ran both ends of the boat, but as I get older that is to much. Thanks again guys and great fishing this year. Capt. Bill
  3. Sorry I'm to old to move. Capt. Bill VanWormer
  4. Help Wanted Mate / Captain Wanted someone to work as a mate aboard the Lucky Dutchman II Moored at Wright's Landing in Oswego, NY Looking for someone to start as a mate and move up into the captains chair within a few years. Must be motivated and hard working. Attitude is more important than experience, willing to train the right person. To set up a interview call (315)402-9556
  5. Hi Guys: I really appreciate the warm welcome. My plans are to launch the Lucky Dutchman II around the fifteen of April. I have my first trip booked for the 19th of April. I took a ride down to wrights Thursday afternoon and the harbor and Lake was ice free as far as I could see, but the city has not started to work on the docks yet. The weather this next week is forecasted to be wet but mild, highs in the lower 60's. Hopefully they will get started on the docks soon because the harbor has a great looking mud line and I would like to get going and catch some brown trout. Thanks again for the welcome. Capt Bill [/url]http://www.luckydutchman.net
  6. Hi I am Capt. Bill VanWormer and I have fished the Eastern end of lake Ontario since I was a little guy. I can remember when the fish of choice was the smallie, because back then that was all we had, bass, yellow perch, sliver bass and carp. I grew up in Oswego and when I was a kid if it swam we tried to catch it. I became a charter captain in 1987 and started Lucky Dutchman Charters I was docked in the Little Salmon river and fished the Mexico bay area for 20+ years and 3 years ago I moved to Oswego and took a dock at Wrights landing. I have a 28 foot Baha sportfisherman the Lucky Dutchman II docked at Wrights Landing green dock #15. If you are in the area stop by the boat and say hello or give me a shout on the VHF on channel 5. I am very optimistic about our fishing despite the problems we face with invasive species, changing weather patterns, and lack of alewives I feel that we have some of the best freshwater fishing in the world.
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