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  1. I don't have a launch in mind yet. I can go where ever i need to. I'm trying to stay close to the toronto area but i'll drive where i need to in order to get into fish. Is the Niagra river a better bet ?
  2. Going out this weekend. Salmon would be great, buy i'll settle for a tight line of any sort. Whats my best bet this weekend on the canadian side. Any one been out this week ?
  3. Anyone fish Lake St.Clair last summer / fall for Musky ? I have always gone north to Muskoka to fish Musky with limited success. I'm told i'm "missing the boat" by not gonig to Lake St.Clair. Anyone familiar with the area?
  4. That is exactly what i wanted to know, thanks. Being primarily a bass/pike/walley fisherman, i really don't know what the peak seasons are for salmon on Lake Ontario. If i understand correctly, later in the spring/summer is probably better then early. With exceptions to every rule, of course. I'll keep checking the fishing reports and try to narrow it down.
  5. My brother and i just tried trolling for salmon fishing last year for the first time. Our boat is near Georgian bay (wiarton area) so that is where we tried. No luck. We are told Lake Ontario is a much better place to learn. When is the best time this spring to think about going, keeping in mind i will only get a couple of chances to go. We are all set up with riggers and flashers, spoons, plugs.......
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