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  1. These are first generation Super Ski 10 rod holders 10" tubes Clamp on rails Used but still work well I'm in Corning and will deliver to southern finger lakes area.
  2. I have 10 rod holders. 10" tubes. These are first generation Super Ski brand. Showing some age but rock solid working order. I'm located in Corning and would be willing to deliver within 30 miles. $100 for all.
  3. These are first generation Super Ski rod holders. Designed to mount on a 1" or less rail. They show some wear but are fully functional. $120 for all ten. I live in Corning and could meet you for delivery within the Finger Lakes region.
  4. Trouthunter, if their condition is good, I'd be interested in hearing what you'd like to get for them.
  5. Trouthunter, how much do you want? Can you post pictures?
  6. Depends on condition but $10 each
  7. Looking for SuperSki rod holders. Had a number of these in the 80's but have either lost or broken. Prince Mastercraft, Inc. in Syracuse went out of business many years ago.
  8. Are those seats original? They look pretty new.
  9. Any update welcome. A few years ago I asked if anyone had a solution that worked. Someone responded: "take up golf". I'll never forget that sage advice. I've tried all kinds of lines.....fle flicker, etc. Just curious if the fleas are still there or not.
  10. Your problem may be the reel and not the bait. What kind of reel are you using? If level wind....the problem is not the reel, and you can ignore the rest of this post. If spinning reel it may be the method of dispensing the line rather than the spinner or swivels. I use spinning reels and always open the bail to dispense line. Hold line as the ball pulls down. Some of my fishing mates don't open bail and always get line twist.
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