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  1. Ok thanks for your time
  2. Trouthunter, if their condition is good, I'd be interested in hearing what you'd like to get for them.
  3. Trouthunter, how much do you want? Can you post pictures?
  4. Depends on condition but $10 each
  5. Looking for SuperSki rod holders. Had a number of these in the 80's but have either lost or broken. Prince Mastercraft, Inc. in Syracuse went out of business many years ago.
  6. Are those seats original? They look pretty new.
  7. quattro

    Water fleas

    Any update welcome. A few years ago I asked if anyone had a solution that worked. Someone responded: "take up golf". I'll never forget that sage advice. I've tried all kinds of lines.....fle flicker, etc. Just curious if the fleas are still there or not.
  8. quattro

    Line twist -- trolling

    Your problem may be the reel and not the bait. What kind of reel are you using? If level wind....the problem is not the reel, and you can ignore the rest of this post. If spinning reel it may be the method of dispensing the line rather than the spinner or swivels. I use spinning reels and always open the bail to dispense line. Hold line as the ball pulls down. Some of my fishing mates don't open bail and always get line twist.
  9. quattro

    Cayuga 9/18, B & B tourney

    Anyone know tourney results?
  10. quattro

    Info on running dip-diver

    If you want to reduce line twist, and you have a spinning reel, open the bail and hold the spool with your hand. Simply reducing the drag and letting the line out creates a ton of twist....especially with the flea flicker line. So open the bail if you have a spinning reel. That's why level winds have such an advantage.
  11. kremer01 Looks like a nice female in the pic. Gota tell me how much she weighed. Guess 7.5...... check that....8.
  12. Very nice examples of the pay-off related to the DEC efforts a few years ago treating the American Eel breeding location north in the Dresden delta. This is where Keuka spills into Seneca that is perfect for these little snots to reproduce and grow, awaiting their time to enter the lake. Their mission, as all of you know is to find and kill fish. So the next time we moan and groan about that license fee, take a look at these pictures. If that treatment had not taken place, those fish would not look anything like what you see here......perfect. Well done.
  13. quattro


    Good fish. Looks like spawned out. Yes?