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  1. Let me guess- 3 rail design? about 28 inches long? Problem turning over in larger water? Ride a little low in the front? Made from the Free plans all over the net? Dude, that is why we designed them better! Please check out our site www.fishoutsideyourwake.com
  2. Make your own Planer Boards!!! Copyrighted design, Proven performance these boards are currently being used in more than 10 countries as well as all over the U.S.!! Hundreds of KamKanoe Planers are already being used by fishermen like YOU!!! Please visit my WebSite for more information on KamKanoe Planers.... http://fishoutsideyourwake.com/ Thank You for visiting!! We also need Guide Listings and fishing reports from you and your area.
  3. Hello fellow Planer Fishermen. I have made and supplied stores and marinas with KamKanoe Planer Boards for a couple of years. Planers can be pretty expensive to ship so I have decided to sell my Copyrighted Plans!! Use them for yourself or start your own business, live (me) support, I guarantee you will be able to make your own Planers with these plans. Please visit our website www.fishoutsideyourwake.com for more info!! The Plans are $4.99, we accept paypal! Contact me at [email protected] visit our website and contact us to get the first viewing of our patent pending TEASERS for planers!! Discounts offered/Distributors needed!
  4. Thanks for the info! Our Plans are $4.99 delivered by email, I'm still trying to get the web guy to set up order and payment options to the site. Welcome all to contact me [email protected] thanks Eddie
  5. Hi, fellow fishermen! My name is Eddie Smith, and I own ETSoutdoors, I would like to invite you all to visit our website www.fishoutsideyourwake.com. We have recently received Patent Pending status on our NEW [/img]TEASERS for Planer Boards. Teasers will be available the first week of May and will change the way you fich with planer boards. Please visit our website and contact us. The first revealing of our Teasers will be via email to the visitors of our site. We will additionally offer discounted pricing to our visitors. Made in the USA, tested on the water! Manufacturer direct! We will also be looking for independent distributors across the US.
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