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  1. how many FOW were you in? i was out today also and only got one stealhead on the top in 55 fow on a J-9. I'm gonna give it another shot tomorrow.
  2. Anybody farmiliar with trolling within I-bay for browns or lakers? I am up here for the week and so far have not been able to get out on the big lake b/c of wind ....so i want to catch some trout in I-bay but have had no luck so far. Any common depths or locations that generally produce fish over there? What about lure picks...stickbaits or spoons? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  3. anybody fish I-bay lately for bass or walleye. I'm gonna get out next weekend and am looking for some tips....
  4. Thanks for the tips Tom! I'm coming from NJ. My sister just moved up to Pittsford so i'm headed up there for 4 days to fish with the brother in law. I would prefer to troll all day, but he has A-D-D and needs to cast and reel. What is the best bet for steady action in the bay? typical fish the shoreline with plastics or drift the drop off's with live bait or jigs? As far as the trolling goes in the big lake...how deep would i have to be for a chance at a king? Or should i just stick to the browns for this time of year? Thanks again! Jed
  5. Hello, i'm heading up to onterio for the first time memorial day weekend. I will be launching out of I-bay somewhere. Any suggestions on where to launch and/or slip the boat for a few days? I'm also looking for some pointers on where/how to fish. I have a fully rigged 19' starcraft. was hoping to troll the mornings in the big lake for browns or kings, and then possibly fish for bass in the afternoon (catch and release during late may right?). Any pointers? common depths, headings out of I-bay? If it's too rough on the big lake any pointers on how or what to fish for in the bay? I would appreciate any tips!
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