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  1. You are correct Shade in that all the evening events as well as the Saturday biggest fish award are open to ALL Pro/Am participants. To be elegible to participate in The Salmon Slam you must be slipped in the Wilson Harbor. The biggest fish of the day for Saturday weather it be Pro or Am will recieve a $500.00 cash prize (winner must be present at the Saturday evening event to recieve their prize money) If there are any questions or confusion please feel free to email us at [email protected] we will answer your message promptly! Just a reminder to all the boats slipped in Wilson that desire to participate in the event. YOU MUST REGISTER AT THE WILSON BOATYARD GAS SHACK ON THURSDAY TIL 9pm OR FRIDAY BY 5pm.
  2. Wow.... Talk about undermining!!!!! Frankly ladies and gentelman the tournament is STILL ON as scheduled along with many events planned throughout the weekend. Frankly, if you recieve Great Lakes Angler check out page 51 of the most recent issue (June 2008) for our ad and list of sponors, we are sure many of you will be quite suprised! Along with the Salmon Slam functions we have also pledged a $500.00 prize for the biggest fish caught on Saturday of the tournament. This prize is open to ALL participants of the event. So.... as the drama continues it is unfortunate that a few folks have nothing better to do than attempt to prevent a community from holding a hospitality event to promote their businesses! Remember this remains a free event to our guests! If you have any concerns feel free to email us at [email protected] And to any of our new guests or for those that need reassurance, when you arrive you will be amazed with the facilities and all that we will be offering. Please remember that participating teams must sign in at the Wilson Boatyard Gas Shack by Friday at 5pm to participate. You will recieve your captains bag and all of the goodies. We look forward to seeing our old friends and look forward to making some new ones! [/img]
  3. As promised the Wilson Harbor community will be providing you with a weekend of entertainment and activities. We are excited to announce our main event, this will be taking place on Saturday evening May 31st at The Sunset Grille, located in Sunset Bay Marina. This event will begin @ 7pm and lasting til ? There will be drink specials, food, musical entertainment, raffles and plenty of giveaways including awarding Saturdays top teams! The Bacardi Girls may also show up! We want to remind you that this and all functions are open to ALL Pro Am contestants no matter which port you choose to utilize, we encourage you to bring your friends! We would like to thank the Sunset Grille for their generous hospitality and effort in making this event a reality! Remember... All Wilson teams both Pro & Am must register by Friday afternoon (5pm) at The Wilson Boatyard Gas Shack. FYI... There are still a few slips availiable contact [email protected] for information STAY TUNED FOR MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS!
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