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  1. hodgson555

    New to the board

    Its pickin up right now how about over there?
  2. hodgson555

    New to the board

    Hows the fishin over there?
  3. hodgson555

    New to the board

    Sorry im in Whitby Ontario Canada North Shore
  4. i was out yesterday i have seen nothing it was so bad i thought my finder was broken so i put a new one in and still no luck! i am gonna head west on saturday! Cheers
  5. Nice pics guys!!!! Where are you guys out of?
  6. hodgson555

    New to the board

    Hi all! New to the board, the boating gig, and fishing open waters, lol i have a million questions!!!!! Where are the fish? Im docked in Port of Whitby, have a 21 foot Century with a merc 305 i/o blue and white. just thought i would say hi! Cheers