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  1. Thanks to those who posted advice to me earlier. Conditions were super flat today and COLD water (44-47 surface in 80 FOW at 8:30 a.m.). Got one shaker on an Atom-Mik fly behind a large Dipsy at depth approx. 40ft. Got lots of short hits, but never even felt them. Headed for deeper water and found 52 degrees surface in about 200-225 FOW. Great action with lots of hits and bagged a 15lb King, 6lb steely, and 4lb (coho maybe? I have trouble distinguishing). All came at about 40ft down except the 4lb er which was off the downrigger about 175 feet down. All came on green and silver/blue Atom-mik w spin-doctors except one orange and chartruese spoon. Great first day on L. Ontario and look forward to being back. Tight lines to all, P
  2. Thanks for posting, guys. Sounds like open water around 100ft is what I'm looking for. Should be heading out this Friday. I'm going with a group and will try Dodger and Fly, large spoons, and maybe a couple types of plugs. I grew up fishing out of Bowmanville, and had a lot of success from an old tinner using a dipsy-diver and chartruese spoons in 40-60ft of water. I'm going out on a buddies boat (20ft) with downriggers, so this is a new adventure. Cheers, P
  3. Looking for trout/salmon in L. Ontario. Are there particular locations to hit, or is it water depth and temperature I'm looking for? Probably heading out for my first trip in early July. Any tips on depth and temperature for that are and that time of year? Thanks in advance, Pablo
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