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  1. My brother and I did some trolling off of Port Credit this morning and we landed 2 smaller Chinooks so got my first salmon. Lost a really big fish due a few salmon rookie mistakes and eventual equipment failure. Still glad to at least get a few in the boat.
  2. I'm visiting from Manitoba and visiting my brother and family in Mississauga in the Port Credit area. Hope to try for some Salmon or Steelhead this week and looking for a few pointers or tips for the area. Hope to catch my first Salmon. We have dipsy divers but no down riggers. Any help would be appreciated for this prairie guy. Thanks
  3. The plan is to use a braid. Most likely 30lb powerpro and fireline. We've got a variety of spoons and flashers and some flies. I appreciate the reply. Thanks so much. Hope to get out later this week before the weekend.
  4. I'm visiting my brother in Mississauga and come from Manitoba. We are going to try for salmon trolling (using dipsys) but it is kind of the blind leading the blind as he has no experience. I was hoping for a few tips on locations and maybe depths to try. If somebody can help us out with a post or a PM would be appreciated. I'm in for another week and would love to get my first salmon or steelhead ever. We'd be in a 18ft Lund fisherman so can get out in the lake a ways or drive out to a launch in the right area. Thane
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