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  1. Trolled just west of Ginna and on my way in found a mooring buoy and blue bumper locked to the bottom.  Normally not a big deal but was in 73ft.  Also noticed a large mound underneath on FF 20-30 ft high.  I would think a marker that far out should be much higher than a mooring buoy and would love to know if anyone has any info. 


    Btw, marked them but no takers 100-150 off Bear Creek. We'll be out this evening.

  2. Greenhornet73, these are two sites I use that are easy to set up.  Windfinder has an app too.  The other takes a little while getting used to.  I can say from experience since I used to do this for a living that forecasting winds is very tricky on the lakes. There are synoptic (large) and meso (small) scale factors going on at the same time which can wreak havoc on weather models thus making future predictions difficult.  Last as we all know the lake can change quickly due to the vast open plain.  Hope this helps.





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