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  1. Generally speaking. After a stong wind and waves as was seen the other day. What to expect once things settle down by Tuesday. It is normally hard to find good temps in close and thus have to run further offshore. I know if likely depends on how bad the winds were but just looking for general what you usually see after this so we can plan a few days to fish accordingly in our 20’er thanks Mark
  2. we use 68 back here in Cleveland. I don't think that's monitored much at point breeze. 10 and I think 8 a bit. we are heading up this sunday 8/2. BB
  3. Coming up for a few days the first week of Aug to fish Oak Orchard. Don't see many reports and wondering how the bite was been. thanks, BB
  4. Here's what we've found to work and might be of help (two man setup). Trolling speed varies but as a general rule we usually troll 2.1-2.3 or 2.4-2.5 (at the ball) depending on what works that day. I usually run two spin doc's off dipsys one of which is almost always a 42 second combo and always on a #2 setting. I found the dark green/glow to be a consistant spinner also. Then we run 2 riggers with spoons. purple thunder, spooks, black magic, gators, or any green/glow. Our leads are usually only 15-20' off the ball but again experiment to see what works that day. Always stagger your spread in various depths. I will only run everything at the same depth is things really get firing on depth. funny thing on the colors though. The 42 second spoon (not spin doc) is a popular favorite but not for my boat for some reason. I do have a small box with a light and I charge up the glow spoons in it at first light. Hope it helps a bit. BB.
  5. I was looking to get the thoughts of this board on dipsy #2 setting trolling depths when using the spin doctor and fly . I have a good idea where I'm at but looking for input from a few here to see if I'm in the right area. I'm looking for amount of line out to get 50', 60', 70' 80' I know currents, line size, etc make a difference. Here's what I'm running. 10lb diameter power pro (50lb test strength) I think this lines runs close to wire but not sure speed is 2.3-2.4mph at the downrigger ball size 1 dispy diver with ring on #2 setting 160' of line out #2 set dispys runs about 60' 50' depth #2 set, line out?? 60' depth #2 set,, line out 160' 70'? 80? thanks, BB.
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