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  1. Thanks ScottB. We've had success off and on there in past years depending on current, and the weeds, but usually later in October. It can get messy there sometimes and not just from the slobs leaving their garbage everywhere.
  2. Fished near the boat launch from about 6-9 am. Fair amount of action early with a few hits. Buddy and I each had one on with a couple of misses each. Landed one salmon (35 1/2 inches Female). The fish looked pretty good, not silver by any means, but not all corroded either. Does anyone have any guesses how far along the Sandy Creek run might be ? I'm wondering if I'm early, late, or right on time since it was my first time out there. Although I guess anytime you catch some fish it's "right on time" Thanks !
  3. Hi all, I'm a new member to the forums but not new to fishing. As my name suggests my boat is my waders for now. I'm hoping to fish a lot more this fall and winter and I'll try to give reports of my exploits from around the Western Monroe County tribs. Good luck out there and tight lines ! Colin
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