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  1. Thanks for Erin and Skipper very good Information. I'm very intrested to come fishing there maybe next king season? Before that I must have lot of more information. Here scandinavia we got now good winter salmon fishing and later spring is best season for big atlantics (30-45lb) Today got couple new report http://www.vk-trolling.blogspot.com/ Mika
  2. Hi Red Yes they have that fantastic "classic" model. That was many year european No.1 flasher but now our end of last year released new VK2 is rising absolutely hottest flasher in europe, simple reason is that new kind irregular swimming action. I wait to have oppornity test these US waters, here is 25 salmon best caught in few days fishing trip to lake Vättern Sweden, fish took one and same rod with VK2 large and whole baitfish with VK-Baitholder all the time. I try to put here link, one of many differend swimming style. http://www.vk-products.fi/eng/index.php ... Itemid=130 Mika
  3. Hi Mark Yes there is lot of pictures of big fish, that report page I think Cabela's have only our baitheads for the present only on their webshop?? I'm not sure? Link: http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ ... ISO-8859-1 What is normally size fish on lake Ontario? What is best time on year fish there and what kind salmons there can wait? Here we have winter now and our waters have ice shield. Only south sweden can fish salmons now. I just come home holiday from florida, and next time when I visiting USA I wanna go fishing salmons. Mika Picture of my trolling boat. Powered by Suzuki DF175
  4. Hi all and thanks for answers We using lakes to landlockeds same speed like you, but Atlantics we using little higher speed. Before we create that new baithead we use many another labels and then we must use lower speeds, because bait rotation adjusting is very difficult to higher speed. Now we can use spoons, wobblers etc. to same speed with baits... If somebody wants to use that kind powerless way to fish I need to know bait using rules for great lakes, because I planning to come fishing there future. Is there difficult to find/buy real bait? Size 5-7 inc Or do I must use Gulp bait and Baitrix style rubber baitfish? What colours is recommed to Baithead and Flashers. Ray K. Do you have pictures for those flies what kind you using? Did you use flashers, with flies? What you like our new VK2 flasher swimmings, you find videos our homepage. http://www.vk-products.fi/eng/ look also baithead videos, if I send you some you did't need flies anymore Mika
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry my poor English I hope you people can stand it. I'm Salmon trolling guide from Finland and I find that site. We using here almost same kind techniques like big lakes, and I want to read and learn more about your style. Here we fishing Atlantic and Land locked salmons, using only baitfish and our own made flashers & baitholders. Northern Europe baitfishing is most popular way to caught big salmons. We using always also downriggers and side planers and our normal trolling speed is 2-3 kn I want to ask forum users is whole anchovy baitfishing popular any area in Usa/Canada? I heard somewhere real baitfish using is prohibited on great lakes?? Is that true?
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