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  1. In the summer of 2008 there was a confirmed infestation of the northern snakehead in Ridgebury Lake and Catlin Creek near Ridgebury, New York. By August, 2008 the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation had collected a number of the native fish, and then poisoned the waters with CFT Legumine, a liquid rotenone formulation. After the poisoning the NYS D.E.C had to identify, measure and additionally process the fish to adhere with Bureau of Fisheries procedures before disposal. The Treatment Plan was operated under several agents, and New York State Police were placed on stand-by incase of protests of local residents of the area.[1] A new concern is that this fish's spread is getting close to the Great Lakes, which it may enter and disrupt that ecosystem. When the snakehead was found in Crofton, the piscicide Rotenone was added to the three adjacent ponds.[1] This method of containment killed all fish present in the water body to prevent the spread of the highly invasive snakehead. The chemical breaks down rapidly, and has a half life in water of one to three days.[6][7]
  2. Thinking about fishing mexico in a 17 ft. boat. How on are the forcast for Thursday and Friday. Any opinions would be appreciated. tight lines
  3. The problem is from my understanding is the gobies rarely leave the bottom. I dont think they can suspend like other baitfish. So the key might be fish close to the bottom and lose lure. Or maybe I am over thinking it.
  4. Just a note on what I observed this weekend. Browns I caught this weekend were spitting up gobies like crazy. Some were stuffed with 3 or 4 gobies others had some in thier 3-4 inches. Stock more browns control the Goby population. Also, sea lampreys were bad, real bad. Almost every fish. Tight Lines and Blackberry Wine
  5. Thanks to some of your reports we beat them up this weekend Sat 26 Landed about a dozen misses or lost Sun 12 Fish in 2 and 1/2 hours weather got rough 3-5 footers Crazy stuf on the last fish before limit we hit a quadrupal. 4 Rods firing in a 17 foot boat with 2 guys in wind and waves gets crazy. Most fish were 5 to 8 pounds with one being 10 pounds.
  6. Just wondering opinions if it is ever to early to troll for browns. Headed out this weekend and am having a hard time convincing my buddies to stay out of the Salmon River and fish with me. Any info or past experience appreciated,
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