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  1. Thanks guys. Appreciate the input. seems like a great area for every thing I like. Wife seemed to really like it too.
  2. Hi. Hoping maybe some people here can help me. Me and the wife are looking into maybe getting a small cottage in the Henderson/Chaumont/three mile Bay Area. I fish the finger lakes and Ontario and Oneida a decent amount , both out of my small boat (14 ft deep v side console) and I ice fish a lot. Also hunt a lot . Probably spend a bit more time on Oneida than the other lakes lately. Oneida costs for a cottage are a bit higher and might be more than we are willing to spend so started looking into other areas . Trying to keep under 2.5 hrs. sort of I’d my heart set on Oneida but like what I am reading and seeing on this area, just never been on my radar much. Have ice fished Chaumont once for eyes. Pretty good haul on a snow mobile to get to the eyes it seemed that day. goals would be more outdoor activity time with the kids, get them more immersed in the outdoors- ideally open and some hard water fishing and some boating and just enjoy a new area of the state, hiking and maybe some hunting for turkey , small game , or deer. i only know a little bit about the fishing in the area. Hoping for some feedback on Fishing quality, how kid friendly is the fishing? Good pan fish during the summer and winter? Can you get to good ice fishing walking on any of those bays. The kids have ice fished several lakes with me and really enjoy it and I can walk pretty far with a smitty sled but would want to understand what I’d be getting into Is the water rough most of the time on that end of the lake? has that area received a lot of flooding the last few years? Anything else about that area that I might not think about compared to fishing or owning water front on a smaller lake? thanks in advance for any help and advice Eric
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