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  1. Gray....I'm glad you made it in ok...that BEAUTIFUL lake can turn UGLY in a minute ! Good job on finding fish on a short shakedown run.I take it you were in tight , shallow water? BTW,I passed thru the sleepy ,little, but beautiful town of Nicholson, PA. this past thurs.nite,on my way home from mill city...love that viaduct!! Good luck fishin'this year!! choo-choo .
  2. Tom (Longline) Not longwinded at all,great info, very informative....i guess iwill have to fill up the tank and go search ,search,search!!! By the way, if I stumble onto any big "preyfish" honeyhole locations, you'll be the first one to know ! Thanks again for the input....choo-choo Steve .
  3. Hey Pete, I keep 1 boat down by the Barkaboom for early season..1 boat at the dam for summer /fall .I love it there too,but i am getting to old for trolling with OARS !!! They still won't allow even electric trolling motors...NOw my 1st love is LAKE ONTARIO !!!!Check your private message box,i sent you a note about boaters world.I am new to this awesome website,so i am just learning the in's and out's. Good LUck Fishing...and if you can fill me in on the early season alewife situation on lake ontario,it would be greatly appreciated....thanks
  4. Hi, i am trying to find out when the huge schools of alewives leave their winter ,deep water hangouts, and begin to head into the shallows to prepare for their spawn,in lake Ontario . I'm just trying to think"outside the box"...for early season,cold water(35 to 42degrees) trolling for large browns and salmon. It seems that the real early ,shallow water trolling for browns in real cold water produces mostly smaller browns, until the water warms up a bit more. Would it pay for me to locate the huge schools of alewives out in deep cold water .....and troll the deep cold water with tons of bait, instead of shallow cold water with not as much bait ? Large trout and salmon need to feed a little even in cold, cold water ,don't they?Does it make sense that if the water is say 39,40 41 in tight to shore,and the same out in deeper water,where the alewives are,then the larger predators would choose to hang out deep,where more ,preferred food is?I guess i'm trying to find out where the large browns and salmon live when the water is less than 42 degrees...in close to shore,up high out a little deeper,or down deep 70 to 120 feet down,or wherever the alewives prefer to live . Any replies would be appreciated.....thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply, but i guess i need to ask about the alewives and browns/salmon , a different way.
  6. I'm getting ready to make my first trip of the year up to the big LAKE O ,I've been fishing Pepacton Reservoir in the Catskills , cathing only small browns in the top 20 feet, where the temp is 39 to 41 degrees.I've been reading incredible amounts of alewives down 70 to 100 feet.....Are the alewives down that deep at ontario right now, due to cold inshore and surface water?If the answer is yes ,will the bigger browns be in close, or up high in the water column ,looking for warmest water or down deeper shadowing the huge schools of deep alewives? Should I target the deep, cold ,alewife filled depths for bigger browns and possibly salmon, or stick to my usual ,early season,in close, shallow ,planer board program?Any advice would be appreciated , thanks...choo-choo .
  7. HI...My name is Steve ,I am a railroad track foreman,i live on the delaware river, a few miles below Hancock ,New York . MY lake ''O'' ride is a 19' Sea Nymph GLS named Choo-Choo . I don't really have a home port, i trailer from the Niagara River to Henderson Harbor.....depending on weather, lake conditions, fish reports etc. I fish mostly week-ends right now,but i am in my thirtieth (30 ) year on the rail-road ,and hope to retire soon ,so i can FISH ! FISH! FISH!. Hopefully we all have a great year on the big lake ...stable weather...light winds...lots of fish ,in every port. If you see me out there on the water , give me a shout...Choo-Choo .
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