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    fishing, hunting,camping, spending time with my kids
  1. Me and my dad just got a 23 ft islander. we have 4 cannons to go on it but not sure how we want to set it up wonder if any one has some pics of there rigs or ideas not sure where to put the mast or rod holders. The boat has no holes in it and we only want to make one set. Thanks for the help
  2. Checked the digital scale it only goes up to 22 lbs guess it was ment for sunfish. Well what ever it bent my net and was our best day on the water yet bad scale and all!!
  3. I was on the site last year with a 14 foot boat i had set up for the lake it worked good it was my first boat and i loved it unfortinitly i caught the foot disease and had to move up. I went in half with my dad and we know have a 22ft starcraft with all the toys I wanted. My wife loves it ha,ha. Still learning but loving it more and more. hope to have it on the water sat. good fishing!!!
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