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  1. I started ice fishing last year, and I've been to I-Bay and Braddock's, but I've never been down to the Fingerlakes. I'm planning a trip for next weekend and would welcome any suggestions on where to park and get on the ice. I'm leaning towards going to Conesus because that's where my grandfather used to ice fish, but any suggestions would be welcome.
  2. I'm ahead of the game as far as the lakefront is concerned, but not in terms of the boat or equipment, I'm afraid. I lucked out with this rental. I'm renting a one room beach house from a long time/part time employer. My dinky little aluminum boat is only going to get me out on relatively calm days, although I've seen guys out trolling in front of my house in fairly small boats. I haven't even had this thing out and I'm already envisioning a bigger boat. It seems that bass fishing is all the rage, and my current boat is better suited for that kind of fishing, but I can't wait to get into some trout and salmon on the open lake. Hopeful I'll have the outboard tuned up and get the boat on the lake by the end of next week. At least I'll be able to try a little flatline trolling. Most guys I've seen on the lake recently seem to be using outriggers and following the shore at 10-15FOW.
  3. I just started renting a little house with lake access just a couple miles East of I-Bay and I just bought a 14' aluminum open-bow. The boat doesn't have a name yet. As soon as the ice broke up on the bay I saw guys out trolling 50-100 yards from the shore right in front of my house every weekend and I knew I had to buy a boat so I could get out on the lake once in a while. I'm completely new to lake fishing. Most of my previous fishing experience is limited to catfish and trout on smaller inland waters. I had a great time ice fishing this year. So, I'm hoping this forum will help get me up to speed on the basics of lake fishing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to get into some trolling. From what I can tell so far trolling seems to be one of the most effective methods of fishing on the open lake. Anyone who lives near Webster and want to go out on the lake with me and show me a thing or two is more than welcome.
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