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  1. Hey Walteye, Fishing Oneida has been good but its hit or miss. The fish seem to be in tight groups and moving alot. Dont waste your time in less than 15 ft. All fish have been 18-30 ft, any one in shallow is hammering the pickerel and bass maybe an occasional eye early. All the standard stuff is working. The hot spot is the 20 ft trench off the east end of the dumping grounds. My buddy had a 20 plus fish day there last weekend. I would like to get to Oswego harbor at night for the eyes but not sure if I'm too late now. Good Luck out there....Tight Lines!
  2. Hi Guys, been away fishing Oneida for eyes and lost touch with the action in Ontario. Any report of Walleyes or Browns in Oswego?
  3. I personally havent had luck with any bright colors. All my fish came on dark colors probably resembling a goby. I troll the bouy line infront of the Nuke plant, that has been consistent but its over early. I am looking for a later bite, havent fount it yet.
  4. How deep are you fishing? I target 8-10 fow early then slide out to 50 fow by 9am. I do think there is alot of truth to the goby connection, I try to skim the bottom with brown and black colors trying to imitate a goby. I have yet to catch a fish on traditional blue/silver (or any bright colors), all on crawfish and dark colors...maybe a goby thing again.
  5. Hi Guys, I have had fair sucess for browns in Oswego just cant find any big fish, any reasons why the fish have been smaller in the past years? Also my bite is over by 8am, where do the fish go?
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