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  1. pipefitterlu42

    copper vs stainless

    Thanks for the tips and info guys. Making my first trip to Ontario in a couple weeks and its been great to get these questions answered.
  2. what are the differences between running copper wire vs 7 strand stainless? Im looking to use one of them to run 1 rod down the chute.
  3. pipefitterlu42

    Depth of lure

    Thanks guys
  4. I fish Lake Erie for Walleye mostly. I'm going to give Ontario a try towards the end of August. What does everyone use as a rule of thumb for depth of lure? If youre marking fish at 90' for example what depth would you run your lure? Thanks,
  5. pipefitterlu42

    Help for out of towner

    Thanks Troutman. I should be in good shape.
  6. pipefitterlu42

    Help for out of towner

    Thanks for the help guys. Do those spin doctors affect the diving depth of dipsies? Also, the chart for Dipsies only goes up to 70'. Are the Lakers deeper than that this time of year? If so, How do you get down to them? I have never run into that problem because Lake Erie is so shallow.
  7. pipefitterlu42

    Help for out of towner

    I'm from Ohio and I'm coming to Seneca Lake for vacation starting 5/10. Are there any tips you guys can give me for going after some Lake trout? Jigging for walleyes is about done here. Are you still jigging or are you on to the troll? I troll on Erie for walleye with Dipsies......same for Lakers? or do most of you guys use downriggers? What size spoons? Favorable colors? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John