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    Sold / Closed 2008 Sportcraft 232

    2008 Sportcraft 232 Express. Primarily fished in Lake Ontario. 1099 hours. Mercruiser Alpha 1 5L I/O. Electric windlass. Lowrance fish finder w GPS. Marine radio. All fishing equipment including 2 big Jon electrics. $28000 OR best offer Don 724 831 3858
  2. I plan to post pics next week
  3. 2008 Sportcraft 232 Express Hardtop 5.0L Mercruiser I/O w approximately 1000 hours Lowrance 550C Depthfinder/Lowrance 3000 GPS Module Aft Cover/Extra Prop Baitwell Livewell Washdown Electric Windlass 2 Big Jon Electric Riggers Big Jon Side Holders Manual Planar Reels All Fishing Equipment Included - Rods (Downrigger, Dipsy) Loadrite Trailer - Needs some work but usable for short distances Been used extensively out of Olcott, NY. Currenty dry docked at Boat Doctors - Olcott NY Great fishing machine $28,000 OBO Don 724-831-3858
  4. Steelman, I am by no means an expert, however I would offer the following advice: For kings head out early 5:30 and set up in 150 ft of water and troll NE/NW to 375 ft of water targeting anywhere from 40-70 ft with riggers. Seasick Waddler, black, purple spoons when sun is higher lighter greens. Dodger w/flies on diver rods set anywhere from 150 to 225. Green, blue flies will catch fish. If you want Steelhead, almost a sure thing this time of year. Head to 450-500 ft of water targeting upper 50 ft of water with any green, blue, red, or orange spoon. I'm sure many will have other options, just going on my own success. Good Luck Don
  5. Totally Hooked, It was nice to meet you and you family this weekend in Olcott. If you wondering this is CaptCheeks (Don) from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm looking for a fishing partner this weekend if your interested. If you want to bring any family i am cool with that also. I plan on being in Olcott with my boat (23 ft Sportcraft) on Friday afternoon/evening and fishing Sat/Sun. Let me know Don 412 527 8686
  6. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Total Boated: Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Making trip to Olcott on Saturday. Any reports from Olcott or Wilson? Much appreciated
  7. Sounds stupid but how do most connect main line to Spin Doctor Tie directly to Spin Dr? Use a snap? Snap Swivel? Curious
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: SaucePot ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):4/30/10 - 5/1/10 Time on Water:6 till quitting time Weather/Temp:Nice Wind Speed/Direction:Fri E 5-15; Sat Flat as a board Waves: Fri 1-3's; Sat Nothing Surface Temp: 46-47 Location:Olcott to Wilson LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 13 Total Boated: 11 Species Breakdown: 4 kings; 6 coho; 1 atlantic Hot Lure: Green fly on green dot dodger; 42 DW SS Trolling Speed: 2.2 - 2.8 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 80 - 140 Lure Depth: 40 - 60 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS First trip of the year to the Big O. Launched out of Olcott and headed west, hit a triple early with an 18 pound king off a green dot dodger/green fly and two cohos off 42nd spoons. Best depth on Friday was 90 feet and most fish 40-60 down just a little west of Olcott. Slow pick the rest of day with one small king off the same dodger fly combo and a coho in the mix. Saturday headed west out of Olcott and no action until we hit 125 feet of water just off Wilson. Quickly had a 2 man limit of 2 kings, 3 coho, and a real nice leaping Atlantic, headed back to Olcott at 9:30 AM. Most fish were down 30-60 feet. All fish on Saturday on a spoon bite, 42nd, Orange Crush, and Blue Dolphin. Nice to be back on the Big O ====================
  9. (Your Name) : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6-13-09 Time on Water: 6AM - 11AM Temp/Weather: Cloudy, 65F Wind Speed/Direction: West 5-10 Waves: 2 or less Surface Temp: 55-58F Location: Olcott LAT/LONG: N/A =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 6 Total Boated: 3 Species Breakdown: 2 Kings, 1 Coho Hot Lure: Dr Hook and Orange Crush Spoons Trolling Speed: 2 - 3 mph Down Speed: N/A Boat Depth: 150 - 300 Lure Depth: 20 - 80 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Fished out of Olcott again on 6/13/09 with very litte traffic due to Pro-Am in Oak Orchard. Saturday was slow fishing. Picked up two small kings early in 180 feet of water off the riggers down 40 with Dr. Hook and Orange Crush spoons. Picked up one Coho in 150 just west of Olcott. Kings were due north of Olcott. Had 3 other hits for the day.
  10. (Your Name) : Fishing Report ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6/12/2009 Time on Water: 6 AM - 2 PM Temp/Weather: Sunny, 70F Wind Speed/Direction: Ripple from the North Waves: 1 or less Surface Temp: 53 - 58F Location: Olcott LAT/LONG: N/A =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 8 Total Boated: 4 Species Breakdown: 1 King 3 Steelhead Hot Lure: Green Atomic Fly, Orange Crush, Green Dolphin Stinger Spoons Trolling Speed: 2-3 mph Down Speed: N/A Boat Depth: 160 - 220 Lure Depth: 20 - 90 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Fished Friday 6/12/09 out of Olcott, not alot of boats most were in the Orleans County Pro-Am. Most of the day was a slow pick, did manage to get 8 hits. Picked up a 12 pound king that hit a Doctor/Atomic Fly (Green) a little west of Olcott in 180 feet down 40. Picked up 3 steelhead one off the boards with a Reef Runner Deep Little Ripper in blue and rest came off of Orange Crush and Green Dophin spoons off of the sliders down 20 - 30 feet. Lots of bait fish marked inside 150 feet of water, no takers. Majority of action was between 180 - 200 feet of water due north of Olcott and a little west towards Wilson.
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