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  1. I meant great job Chris !!!!! On your legit business I love the flies and meat rigs. Top quality products!!!!
  2. I got the same one I may just throw it in the garbage I didn't realize they weren't worth anything
  3. I didn't see that. I looked on eBay they were all over 100$ sorry! 45$ shipped
  4. Brand new transducer from hds7 45$ shipped anywhere in the lower 48
  5. I'll take the big Jon pulleys. I live in Ontario ny send me payment info thanks!
  6. Put lot 3 on my tab too and I'll send you payment thanks
  7. I'll take lot one. Put it with my other stuff [emoji106]
  8. Set aside one of the play on glow ssw and the uv yellow with those bullets please
  9. Just curious what the smallies are coming on? We used to hammer them on crank baits. Haven't done it in years but would like to! Thanks, Mike Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. That is a sweet looking boat! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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