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  1. Oh, it happened all right :rofl::rofl: Thanks ! Stupid **** happens, that's why we're not Pros :) . What team were you? Honestly, I wish I could have met more of the teams. Maybe next time? We'll be at the salmon slam donating more structure to the lake. Overall it was a blast !!!

    And that wasn't my only screw up, I showed up to weigh in on Saturday wet for a reason lmao ! A couple people know..... Hey, if it was easy everyone would do it :)

    Team stripinline we didn't do so well I think eleventh bad decisions going for kings will do that. There's always next year!

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  2. Does anyone have a good salmon jerky recipe? I had given some salmon to a friend years ago who brought me back salmon jerky from his dad. That was the best stuff I ever had and I could never duplicate it and didn't know how his dad did it. Any help would be great also I am not good with a smoker this could be half the problem.

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