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  1. Thanks to all. I envy you guys that live close to the big lake. I wish it was closer. O yea the stripers will be in next month!! NVM New England fools
  2. Thanks Bob. We both don't remember the mate bleeding or doing anything to the fish in 2005. Looking at the top picture "2005" I would say no. I remember a cleaning station right where we took that picture. Those fish tasted amazing. I just dont understand the huge difference from then and last year. We will bleed them and gut them and rip there gills out ,and remove the dark meat from the lateral this year. I will let you know in about a month if that was the difference. Has anyone else noticed any difference in taste in the last 5 years?
  3. Hi all. My brother inlaw and I fished out of Fairhaven up to Oswego in mid april last year and did very well for the two days we stayed. We are from the Boston area and its a one shot deal for us. The question I have is the taste of the Salmon and trout we caught compared to the fish we caught in2005 when we chartered a boat. We cleaned our fish right at the dock,kept them cool and froze them immediatly. It was a huge disappiontment when we got home to cook them. Very fishy tasteing. Nothing even close to 2005. Do any of you recommend to bleed them first? We do with certain saltwater fish. We are coming back soon as the lake conditions allow us. We love to fish and our familys love to eat them faster then we can catch them. Please any advise would greatly be appreciated. Thanks The New England fools.
  4. I would go . Actually we should be getting by now to launch. But your crazy in that picture . Remind me to never go fishing or hunting with you!!
  5. Thanks. I would go but it's not my boat. The chance of a blow off and getting stuck scared my brother inlaw. Its a long ass haul out there too. Like 7 hours or so if I remember right. Damn I want to go. The boat isn't that nice,so we get stuck or sink. Whats the big deal!!
  6. Thanks I knew it eventually would turn into baseball. Yankees Suck
  7. Thanks for the all the input. I got a hold of Screwy Louie's Sport Shop and he was driving by the bay. Ice as far as you can see. Boat ramp open a bit but all chunked up. We are grounded in MA. With this weather it's going be like spring break for these fish. Ware your sun block boys. Couple more weeks before we will make this trip.
  8. My brother in law and I were just talking about that. We have never fished that area but always wanted too. I just hate going there blind. Lodging,boat ramps,food. Hate to waste time but I guess that is the smart move. Thanks
  9. We were hoping to launch at the state park boat ramp. It is just behind the sea wall entering the Bay. That' some good advise. There has to be ice still left down in that south end. Anyone know how much?
  10. Thank you. We are looking hard at this weekend. Looks like rare conditions for this time of year. I can feel it!
  11. A red lindy with a black eye. Shakespeare micro graphite. 6 pound mono. 29 inch atlantic salmon at 9.6 pounds? She was so skinny she would of ate a rubber worm. Almost feel bad for the ole girl. 90% sure were headed to the big lake. Conditions seem to rare to pass up. May God bless our little boat and those southern winds.
  12. A career fish on ultra light while fishing the cape.
  13. Hi spring fever fisherman. I booked charter out of Fair Haven a few years back for my friend and brother inlaws 50th. What a great time we had. Big browns and salmon offshore a bit, the second week in May. Last spring he bought a boat, a really nice fishing machine and we came up to late last year and missed it all. To say the least we are not going to be late this year. So being from out of state,I am hoping for some advise and answers. First question is ,are we out of our minds considering coming up this weekend? Weather and wind conditions our dictating our trip. Weekend is looking sweet. Is it to early? Is it true that the biggest browns are caught in early May. Is Fair Haven bay open water yet? We have a small window of time and will probably have one shot at this. In New England ice out is the time to fish for trout. I have proof. On March 6th we broke the ice at the boat ramp and a tail light and I caught a career fish on one of the cape ponds. Will post ; Any advise on the stretch of water between Fair Haven and Oswego I would greatly appreciate. Thanks,I love this web site and the knowledge that you share.
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