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  1. Just give up the argument, you are not going to win this one. The guys are trying to educate you, not argue but if you won't listen to what they are telling you and decide to trust Wiki instead (not Genesse specifica data, just a general fact about salmon). The salmon in the Genny are put there as babies and that is how the river is imprinted into them as their place of birth. You have the general idea about Salmon reproduction correct but around here fishing is BIG BIG business so the government has to help the fish along so the money keeps rolling in.
  2. Looking for a cheap little jon boat for some creek fishing. Doesn't have to be pretty but must have paperwork. I have a trailer and motor already but would still consider a package if the price is right. You can reply or call/text 585-314-1992 with pics and details. Thanks!
  3. Is there any place near Rochester that cleans and smokes salmon for you. I do not have the experience to clean and fillet without butchering the poor thing. If anyone here wants to make some money next time I bring in a few chinook let me know. I would be happy to have some fillets and some smoked so I can have them for dinner.
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