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  1. Yeah the lake itsn't really too big, but its more of a chain of lakes, about 4 large moderatly deep (a little more that 50 ft deep) lakes with many smaller bodies of water joined through swampy channels. Some of the lakes have different species of fish that are not found in the others, i'm guessing that the systems are partially separated. One location has walleye where all the others do not. One lake has only bass and sunfish with no pike. Most of the people that come in are here for the good bass fishing seeing as the lakes are only moderatly pressured due to rough terrain making the lake unaccsiable to anybody who doent want take a chance at ruining there truck or boat. Most of the travellers here are from New York, my old friends come up from Rochester annually. My thought on this was that maybe there used to be native pike or musky in the lake before the other was introduced. My best thoughts are now that its got to be a pike or a fluke of nature which i will probably never know.
  2. I for got to add that the picture was taken about 15 years ago, no muskys have been caught since.
  3. Hey everyone, Thought i post this question to see what a general opinons might be. I have fished this lake above north eastern lake ontario for 17 years for pike and have never caught a musky or anyone i know. But this picture of my uncle Rick, my two brothers and me has me asking the question if my uncle Rick is holding a musky. It appears to have a clearer body and vertical bars near the tail. The picture was taken on a polaroid camera so the resolution is not the greatest. Hoping that this can confirm or deny that existance with your opinions, all are welcome. Thank you, Adam (far left).
  4. Hi everybody, just thought id post some of my best catches through the year of 2009, so far..... These are a couple of smallies I caught at lake erie off long point in the summer. I didnt weigh them but i measured them in at 17" and 16" they were pretty thick. These are some perch i caught a couple weeks later off Fishers Glen in lake erie they all were between 11"-12", i though it was a decent catch This was my fist salmon ive caught, i got it at Bronte trolling a jointed rapala, it wieghed 15lb. These are my 3 biggest pike this year, got them at my great uncles old hunting camp that we go to every year. The fist is a 30" that i got in early september trolling 10 feet down on a x-rap 12 off a weed bed that goes to a rocky point. We got a lot between 24"-26" but this was the biggest of the trip. I decided to take one last trip up to that lake last weekend. On october 3 we only caught 6 pike between me and my brother, He got a 24",25",27" and i got a 26",29.5" and a big fat 36" 12lber. Here is the 29.5" and the 36".
  5. Thanks for the welcomed comments, see you out there, good luck, Adam
  6. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): September 17th 2009 Time on Water:5 hours Weather/Temp: Sunny, partly cloudy, very light chop Wind Speed/Direction: N Waves: small Surface Temp: 70 deg Location: Bronte Harbor LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 1 Total Boated: 1 Species Breakdown: Chinook Hot Lure: Rapala Jointed Trolling Speed: Slow Down Speed: Boat Depth: 13-22 ft Lure Depth: 6-11 ft ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Boated my first King was 15lb male close to Harbor flatlining with rapala on 14 lb test fireline tracer braid, on a 7ft ugly stick, canadian tire abu reel ====================
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