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  1. Hey BamBam you keep the nasty skunk! You know you will have a bad tourny when your observer shows up and says "sorry I am running late, I hit a skunk on the way" LMAO

    what dock are you guys on again i will make sure i put a live one on the end of the dock this year :lol::lol::lol:

  2. 2nd one is with out a doubt a log perch or commonly known to onieda lake as sand pike minnow the walleye's treat them like candy hot bait hard to find on onieda lake

    first one could be a bourbot smolt but not sure ;)

  3. WOW is all i have to say to have the honor of you considering me as a friend i have alway's looked up to you as a professional and steward of fishing the big water scene and never considered consulting you on it because never figured i was in your leauge of expertise i should have known better because of the good hearted stand up guy that you are.

    those were the good days were they not poundin smallies in 50 f.o.w. hitting the hard water for gill's in 5 f.o.w.

    glad to see you got ray back out there on the water :yes:

    now with any luck i will run into you on saturday on the little salmon challenge and i'm pretty sure a-tomic flies will be putting fish in the box for a long time to come.

    talk to you soon tom.

  4. just figured i would chime in abit i dont have the pleasure of calling tom a friend but i do know who he is and what i do know is that he is a stand up guy and i have seen some of the things he has given to promote the great sport of lake fishing being a bussiness owner myself i know how it can be with donation's and so forth but i believe tom was a very giving person along this route stop and think every thing he donates is money out of his pocket for the rest of us to save money in our pocket and when a person donates as much time and product as he has a little bit of patronage is just a small gift back i could be totally of base on this please correct me if im wrong???

    i do believe tom has a incredible product that will continue to sell well why because they catch fish which is the reason why we buy them not because hey i know tom so let me buy some atomic flies i have no clue who johnny dipsey diver is but i got about 50 of them cuz they work and the list goes on ok enough of me babbling along here i got to hide some crayfish from some guys and go bass fishing now :D:rofl:

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