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  1. fishing out of Grimsby is allways good for me. You can launch out of Fifty point or Forans marine in Grimsby. Between Fifty piont and forans in about 60' to 70' I've caught some rainbows and Kings in green flies tied ti flashers about 30' to 40' down on the riggers. Like the other guy said Lakers are on the bottom 80' to 100' I've cuaght lots on a Lens Tompson large yellow with five red diamons. Keep an eye on the weather and good luck
  2. friday july 10 1.6 bl rainbow caught with dispy spine docter and a fly. Lost another something big 40 ft deep by the weater station out from forans in grimsby.
  3. guycaught a nice king in 60' deep, I've been out by the weather station and catching lost of lakers, think the kings are in about 40 to 60 even in deeper water. Here's another laker I caught on July 8 th
  4. sunday grimsby weather station missed three landed one laker
  5. Grimsby weather station July 2 112 feet of water hooked something big, fought for about 7 min and broke my 30bl test breaded line used a large yellow lens tompson lure with red diamonds on it "NOW I GOT THE FEVER"
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