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  1. just wondering leader length from flasher to fly have heard anywhere from 18 - 24 but i personally have not had much success with the flasher fly combos just wondering what i maybe doing wrong thanks
  2. just wondering what everyones having luck with as i havnt been too successfull with the spin doctors and flies with a 16 inch lead from flasher to fly just wondering if the bigger flashers might make a difference as i dont have one yet. also wondering whats the hot leader length from flasher to fly and if i should use the more action setting on the s/d or not any info would help thanks jason
  3. just picked up a fish hawk 800 from an old friend of mine but its missing the transducer called around a few places and apparently they dont make them anymore. just wondering if anyone might have one kicking around i could buy or if anyone knows where to get ahold of one please let me know thanks in advance jason
  4. ahhh some details eh... port credit almost at sunset approx 150 fow green spinn doctor #3 setting matching fly 110 behind the boat so 40-50 ft down i was just heading towards sHore ready to pull the rods for the eve and bang 25.12lbs not a bad way to start the season probably heading out again today good fishin
  5. not a bad start to a good summer of fishing! good luck to all
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