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  1. My buddies and I are approaching on our anual fishing trip on the St. Lawrence. I have the tackle and gear, but was wondering if anyone has been in that area recently and what is hitting, on what? As always any advice and/or tips are appreciated. I usually have good luck on a deep diving fire tiger rapala, buck-tale jig tipped with an inverted frozen minnow (works well on weed edge) or the old-faithfull spinner with a plastic tip of choice.
  2. Name: Camp6 Location: MD Home Port: Cortland, NY Boat Name/Type: "CLAT" 1962 Lonestar Fleetwood (inherited) I fish for: Hard striking Bass and even harder striking Pike June 25-July 2. ================== I have been a long time reader of the posting on LOU. I am just 1 of a group of guys that travel to the St. Lawrence for a week long fishing trip every year. This year willmark our 10th year and the trip is becoming a bit challenging with families and careers. I tend to read LOU as the trip draws closer and find the advice and techniques helpful. We will be stayingon Grindstone for our third consecutive year and love all that the TILT and the St. Lawrence river has to offer. Any tips for monster pike will be greatly appreciated. ...I am well over my 10,000 casts and am ready for the elusive Esoxx......
  3. A group of fishing buddies and I are going to be heading to the St. Lawrence River for our anual fishing trip. This will be our 10 year and I anticipate a good trip. We'll be staying on Grindstone and I am looking to see if anyone has been in that area recently and would be able to let me know where the fish are holding. I'd love to catch a musky, since I am well ov erhte "10,000 Cast" mark. We through in the begining of the week for a pool for LM Bass, SM Bass, Pike, and other category. Largest of each taking the prize. A legal size musky takes the whole kitty. Guys week of Cards, Beer, BB-Q, and Fishin'... In the years past the fish generally stay in the 15-20 foot range, but I have heard the temps have been low and may have brought them up a little. Any help is always appreiated. Hope to make the fishing gods happy. Thanks a bunch...
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