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  1. I have come across some more sets. All have boom mount and rear mount included for the dual rod holders. Some newer Cannon boxes and some older stock Cannon Boxes. All are new in box.
  2. I have 2 Cannon Downrigger covers that are used. They are in good shape, have a liitle dirt stains on the inside of the covers from normal use. $25 for the pair plus shipping. Contact: [email protected]
  3. New Pair of Cannon Downriggers Uni-Troll 10 Manual downriggers. They are brand new. They were put together for display models and were never used with the original boxes. They have telescopic booms 24-53 inches mounting base and screws. There are no swivel bases. $ 450 for the pair plus shipping. Contact: [email protected]
  4. New Cannon Downriggers Dual rod holders with front and rear mounting post. This dual rod holder will mount on the boom or mount in the rear of the rigger. It is new in the box and I have other sets if you are looking for multiple sets for your boat. $50 plus shipping Contact [email protected]
  5. Cannon downrigger uni troll 6 Manual downrigger with 2 foot boom. It is a older model that is made out of aluminum not plastic. It has the 2 foot boom and aluminum mounting block. It is in very good condition with only minor scuffs and scratches from normal use. I only have the one. $85 plus shipping. Paypal or money order. Contact [email protected]
  6. Walker Manual downrigger ocean spray model. It has the 2 piece aluminum booms, aluminum rod holder and aluminum mounting plate. This is made better than the newer ones. Everyting on the new ones are plastic. It is in excellent condition. I only have the one. $60 plus shipping. Paypal or money order. Contact [email protected]
  7. 2 Riviera planer boards. They are plastic and collapsible. They are in very good condition. $75 plus shipping Paypal or money order. Contact [email protected]
  8. 2 Big Jon otter boats in very good condition. $125.00 plus shipping Paypal or money order. Contact [email protected]
  9. The high profile has 5 positions. All the high profile bases that I have do lock into the 45 degree position.
  10. [/url Cannon downrigger swivel bases. They are the high profile models. I have 4 of the universal swivel baes that can also be used with big jon and other various downrigger manufacturers. They are drilled and tapped for the other makes and models. The only difference between these and the standard one are the top plate is 6x5. The standard are 5x5 inches. These bases are in excellent shape. They look new. No cracks in any of the plastic. $50 each firm. Plus shipping. I also have 4 of the standard cannon high profile swivel bases. The top plate is 5x5 inches. 2 are in excellent shape with no cracks in plastic or corrosion. $50.00 each plus shipping. The 2 others are in good shape. No cracks in plastic. A little scratched. $40 each for these. Plus shipping. Contact [email protected]
  11. They do work. They were first fished in Lake Michigan. There was a article in Great Lakes Angler by Chip Porter a few years ago reviewing their product. He was using them with great sucess.
  12. I have 6 packages of riverside trolling tubes/flies that are 3.5 inches long. The colors are alewife, white silver flake, glow,rainbow trout, natural pro blue and ayu. The ayu is a brown/lightchartruese. I am not sure what ayu stands for? Sort of looks close to brown goby? There are 5 tubes in each pack. The alewife pack only has 4. They are brand new. New lower price. $10.00 shipped to your door. Contact [email protected]
  13. I have 2 cannon dual rod holders that are the boom mounted syle. They are in excellent shape no cracks or sun fading. $ 30.00 for each set. Contact [email protected]
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