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  1. I heard this on the news today that asian carp dna was found in Lake Erie. Here is an article off of goerie.com http://www.goerie.com/article/20120927/NEWS02/309269876/Asian-carp-DNA-found-in-Lake-Erie-raising-concerns Here a couple of audio clips about it: http://www.ideastream.org/news/feature/49089 http://www.ideastream.org/news/feature/49167 Thanks, Capt. Mark Thunder Struck
  2. I will take the precision trolling book. I sent you a pm and email
  3. The steelie ended up being 41 inches long. What a beautiful fish not a single mark on it. Way to go Pete congratulations.
  4. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. We set out to have a nice relaxing day of tournament fishing and enjoyed it. It was nice for Pete and Jon to just relax and go "fun" fishing for a change, instead of working. The 32lb 1 oz. king was the first fish of the day, while the 28lb. 4oz came mid morning. I will try to upload a pic again later. For some reason I can not upload it from my phone. Thanks again and good luck in the Pro Am and LOC. Mark Bukowski
  5. I have 2 Cannon low profile swivel bases that are in excellent condition. Not cracked or sun faded. $125 shipped. Contact [email protected]
  6. Cannon Downrigger dual rod holders. The box says rear mount, but it will also mount to the boom. You will simply not use the rear adapter pin. I have multiple sets of these. Some are newer boxes and some are older, but they are all new. No longer made by Cannon. $45 plus shipping. Contact [email protected]
  7. Still available. The original person who emailed me a week ago to take them, has not got back to me. Interested please email me. Thanks. [email protected]
  8. Ratsirt , could you contact me back for payment info. I sent you a pm and email. Thanks Mark
  9. I have 3 Penn 310 GTI level wind reels for $125 plus shipping. They are in Excellent shape. They are not sun faded. Theses are the good ones that were made in the USA. contact [email protected]
  10. Way to G men. Congrats. Giants fans could not be happier. Pete, I figured you would start this thread. You probally will still see my brother smiling in April. I do not think it will wear off by then.
  11. If the first guy did not buy them. I will take them.
  12. I have had the pleasure of fishing off this boat many times and it is truely a fish catching machine. Whether it is tournament fishing or recreational fishing you can not go wrong with the preformance or realibility of this boat. I currently own a identical Baha to Pete's and you will not be disappionted in the smooth ride, large cabin and huge fishing platform these boats have to offer. This boat is one clean meticulously clean boat. He is always keeping it tip top shape, whether it is oil changes or constant washing and waxing. He is always on top of it. One heck of a turn key boat. I hope he gives the new owner the fish "Catching Magnet" that is hidden somewhere in that boat, or at least passes it on to me. Good Luck with sale Pete.
  13. I will take the flashers cannon swivel base. Sent you a P.m. Phone number does not work?
  14. A Pair of Riviera dual planer boards collapsible and made of plastic. $75 plus shipping Paypal or money order. Contact [email protected]
  15. I have a pair of trolling bags or drift socks for sale. They have what looks like a 20 inch opening by 33 inches long with 1 inch straps. I did my best to measure the bag. I opened the bag to a complete circle the measured across. Looks like 20" There is no identification on the bags. $30 plus shipping. contact [email protected]
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