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  1. Fishmaster, Yes and are YOU in. All my clients will be entered in this derby, why wouldn't they be. And yes they will most likely catch trophy fish. Charter boat day pass for $30.00 why not. clients love it. I have some dates available if you would like to catch some trophy fish. Fish On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Leaderboard update https://soduspointbaittackle.shutterfly.com/specials Sean Ketchman from Waterloo, NY toughed out the heavy west winds and sporty seas to capitalize on a nice 23.08 lb king salmon to take the lead in the derby. Familiar bite meat pays off again. Thanks to all the sponsors and their great products!!!!!!!!!! PS: Tackle Buster II boated a 31.12 lb / a 20.04 lb and some smaller ones today but will not be entering those since it was just Dawn and I fishing for fun. Fish on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Leaderboard updated https://soduspointbaittackle.shutterfly.com/specials
  4. Hello folks, I've been out of pocket a few days here, looks like I have some catching up to do. But anyhow. I will be updating leaderboard Monday. Sorry for the delay. KEEP ON FISHING! !!! Lots of big salmon out here!!!!!! Sent from my SM-G900V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Yes, minimum weights and other things will be tweaked into next year but will remain the same for this year. They're out there, go get them!!!!!!!! We have boated two this year and don't even target them lol. Fish On!!!!!
  6. Jim, for someone so against this derby and has nothing but negative comments, You sure do monitor this thread a lot!!!!!!!!!! I think for those who do not like or disagree with it should simply go else where. I do not see anyone forcing anybody to be here or how to conduct business like is going on with our fellow tackle shops. Seems you may have interest elsewhere. Lets keep this post a positive one. Be HAPPY Jim!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Looks like Creek Road Tackle is out as weigh In. Hate to keep making these types announcements but it seems there is some strong arming going on towards the tackle shops that we are working with as weigh in and registration sites. And by some folks that may surprise you when it is made public. Totally unprofessional and showing no respect for the local tackle shops. Why would anyone approach another tackle shop which is working as a weigh in station and attempt to persuade them to not participate in another derby. Well I know exactly why but will let that to each of you to decide. Personally as I've mentioned previously, I would encourage every tackle shop to participate in as many derbys as they are personally capable of covering. By strong arming and persuading shops to not participate is simply keeping potential customers out of the local shops and affecting their business directly. Thanks to all of the great sponsors supporting this derby and thanks to all of you that continually support our derby's as well as all you local tackle shops. So we are good from Rochester to Henderson. Sorry west end, we'll get you set up soon. and yes Lake Trout 20lb Thinking about adding tributary and lake fishing to the September derby, whats the thoughts FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Sorry about that reeldilemma33, As you know Dawn and I are usually here 14 to 16 hours a day. Had a few things that needed done yesterday.
  9. Looks like Screwy Louies is out for weigh in. NO BIG LOSS. Simply run to Warren's or All Season to weigh in. Seems we have a LITTLE snake in the grass attempting to sabotage our event. That is NOT going to happen. We are just getting started. Sign up now at any of the other participating registration stations and be ready to win some cash and merchandise. FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ok, Here we go for phase II of the WHLS – Big Water Derby. August 1 to August 18, 2016 Before we get into that you can go to our website https://soduspointbaittackle.shutterfly.com/specials to view the entry and payout for the June derby if you would like to do so. Back to the August derby. We are pleased to announce a few new registration and weigh in stations for this derby. From East to West: Henderson Tackle Shop – 315-304-4020 – Henderson, NY All Season Sports – 315-298-6433 – Pulaski, NY Screwy Louie’s – 315-947-6348 – Fair Haven, NY Warren’s Hook Line & Sinker – 315-483-2183 – Sodus Point, NY South Bay Boat and Tackle – 585-482-3474 – Rochester, NY Creek Road Bait and Tackle – 716-807-6111 – Lewiston, NY Please stop in at these shops, stock up on supplies, sign up for the derby and go catch the big one. If you would like to sign up by phone you can call WHLS at 315-483-2183. We are going to add a CHARTER BOAT DAY PASS for this derby. Here’s how this will work. 1st Captain has to have a Captains free pass that covers Capt. And mate (Not eligible for prizes) or Captain and mate can enter at the regular rate and be eligible for weigh in and prizes while pre fishing or whatever. 2nd Captain can purchase a Charter boat day pass for $30.00 which will cover all clients on the boat for that trip. Angler catching the fish must weigh it in. Charter boat day pass must be purchased prior to 7:00am the day of fishing. Charter boat day pass is valid for the date on the pass only. Not transferable for any reason including weather. Let’s get signed up and have a great August derby. Payout will be based on entry and once again supported with some great prizes donated by our sponsors. BIG THANKS to sponsors: FLT (Finger Lakes Tackle) GLT Supplies (Familiar Bite) Dream Weaver A-Tom-Mik Bay Rat Sodus Shores Lodging FISH ON !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Leaderboard has been posted daily. Whats your registration number longspurs?? would you like to debate the payout percentages.
  12. Dave I believe you have a voice mail if you check. I did call you directly as well as all other winner's. Sponsor packs will be distributed accordingly. And we greatly appreciate the help of our sponsors. Dave, If you are that unhappy with the winnings and you do not want it, we will be more than happy to award it to the next in line. Simply send me an email stating such. The Grand Prize winner will be receiving roughly $2000.00 in cash and prizes. Not bad for a $30.00 dollar investment if you ask me. I'll leave the percentage out since that seems to confuse some. If you want the big prize, catch the big fish!!!! Thank you all again for participating and stay tuned for some HUGE announcements. It's up to you guys what you want. Fish On!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks to all of you that participated in the first phase of the Big Water Derby. Leaderboard can be viewed on our website. Congratulations to all who weighed fish in. Anglers with winning fish will be contacted tomorrow to collect on their winnings. Again thanks to all!!!!!! Stay tuned for some exciting news for upcoming derby news. Fish On !!!!!!!!!!
  14. You can't really set in stone a payout structure starting out. We have run numerous derby's and found that if you set a guaranteed amount and you do not get the interest it comes out of your pocket. We are doing what we have been hearing from the fisherman for the past several years. Seems there is a lot of interest in looking but lite on the participation. Payout breakdown will be calculated at derby completion. Roughly speaking, Grand prize is approximately 50% and then broke down from that point according to weigh in's It's up to you guys how big you want to make it. We're here to work with you. When we get to the 400 or more entrée target fisherman will be rewarded WELL!!!!!!!!!! We are working on something that we think everyone will be very interested in. Stay tuned for future announcements. Fish On!!!!!
  15. Leaderboard update: Both fish weighed in at Captains Cove. Rob Luke aboard the Playing Hooky landed a 23.04 lb. Salmon. DW spoon. Jeff Smith aboard the Playing Hooky landed a 10.08 lb steelhead. DW spoon. Great job guys!!!! Fish On!!!!
  16. Two nice salmon weighed in 6/26/2016 at WHLS: Travis Johnson with a 20.06 aboard the Dipsey Draggin and Jeremy smith with a 20.02 aboard Red Eyes. Great job guys. Fish On.
  17. you know everyone has their own opinion on issues. I would like to keep this thread a positive one. if you are not in favor of our derby just simply do not enter which I'm assuming you are not. No one is forcing anybody to click this thread. Just saying !!!!!!!!!!! We will leave it at that. Fish On Leader board will be updated in the am. Sodus Point ( Warrens Hook Line & Sinker) weighed in a few today
  18. Yes, there will be some changes along the way. Big boys are out there. We've only topped 20 once this year on the grey's the weekend prior to the derby.
  19. Leaderboard update: New Salmon leader, Angler David Bonnell caught nice 23 pound salmon aboard the Rigged. Fish was caught on a Warrior spoon. Great job guys!!!!! Leader board can be viewed at the following site. http://www.soduspointbaitshop.com/
  20. ok, let's start with Fishinnutjim. I believe you may have a few too many zero's in the math unless I wrote it wrong. Although that would be sweet!! We will get it there if you guys want that. As we mentioned early on, this is a trial run and payout will be based on entree's. We have people signing up daily so payout can not be calculated until derby completion. WHLS has 25 sign ups and I'll check at the other stations. It's a win win for most all in at this time. If you can put a fish on the board there's a good chance you will win something with the limited entree's. It's up to you fisherman on how much u want to win. The more entree's the greater the reward. We also have some great prizes to give away from our GREAT sponsors. Tackle Buster II and Tacklebuster all the same. Clearly, Fish was caught aboard the Tackle Buster II by angler Joe Sposato. Not that all business affairs need to be disclosed here. But since you ask. Fish was weighed in at Warren's hook Line & Sinker. (privately owned and operated) Tackle Buster and Tackle Buster II are privately owned charter boats. Fish caught aboard Tackle Buster II, caught by client was leading with that fish. The winning fish will win whatever the payout is determined to be per number of entree's and payout structure. Tackle Buster II nor Warren's Hook Line & Sinker win NOTHING!!! Leader board is updated daily. Stations will be contact today to get updates on weigh ins. Please bare with us and all weigh stations as things get pretty busy in all these shops. I know there was some fish weighed in yesterday and will post ASAP. Thank you all for participating!!!!!! Fish On!!!!! Hopefully we can shorten these post a bit lol, I'm a slow typer
  21. That is correct, one salmon weighed in so far. I would expect that to change in the next couple days. salmon everywhere now. Screwy Louie's is our East end at this time. We are working on expanding both East and West for the next derby's
  22. Captains Cove is as far west as we go at this time Leaderboard update: Salmon Leader, 22.02 pounds caught by angler Joe Sposato aboard the Tackle Buster II Finger Lakes Tackle spoon, Weighed in at Warren's Hook Line & Sinker Fish On !!!!!!!!
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