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  1. Thanks Chad, that looks like a great start for me. What depth or water should I be targeting?? as mentioned I was out in 100-140fow and had the dipsy's at 30-60fow thanks again
  2. My wife and brother and myself launched Saturday from Humber bay. We headed straight out to around 130-140fow we tried spoons, and when no luck tried flasher/fly combo. Still nothing. we went out for about 4 hrs. My questions are.. Where would be a good route to start to troll at? ie. head to ashbriges than continue trolling to port credit?? Also does anyone have a link to a map so I can plan My next route. I should invest in a marine Gps as I only have a garmin nuvi 250 ATm any help in this is appreciated..
  3. I just picked up a Scotty's Orka mount. I must say it is very strong and seems to hold up well. I use it for my dipsy rods and I can get a good hook set with the Scotty as it is one Pull(up) motion to get the rod out of the holder....
  4. is A.E Crookes marina in portcredit a good launch? are there any launch fee's?
  5. Thanks for all the helpful info.. the dipsy diver is a great idea as I can run a few lines off the boat...
  6. Hi all, I'm in Etobicoke. I have an 18ft rinker bowrider with a basic piranha fish/depth finder, I 'd like to set up for salmon fishing in Lake O. I would like to see if I can get started on the cheap. What would be the best equipment I can buy on a low budget to hook into some KINGS/Chinook/Bows ... I all ready have a trolling rod/reel with line counter. What types of spoons/flies work well and what else should I purchase to get a good start. Sorry for questions I'm new to trolling and I'm excited to learn thanks in advance for any help
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