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  1. Big news because of this blast hitting the Buffalo area...........semi-common occurance up on the Tug Hill............every winter.....plces like Montague, Lorraine, Barnes Corners..........plowed snowbanks 5/8 up to the telephone wires.

    No national news coverage in regards to those folks getting buried.........again,every winter.

  2. I for one, would not mistake a fisher for anything other than a fisher, same with a fawn, adult deer, woodchuck, or a blue jay.

    Maybe an alcoholic, dwarf, pregnant, juvinile, sasquatch with a case of the crabs..........now, I could understand that being a problematic visual to decipher........

  3. Fish hunter

    It would only take one legitimate camera sighting to start a stir, but there are none.


    If a trail cam can "out smart" a coyote, i'm sure cougars are no problem for them either. I doubt as though cougars have some special ability to avoid trail cameras. People in other parts of the country don't seem to have any trouble "catching' them on camera. Maybe because they actually have a population of cougars there? I obviously don't dispute the occasional cat passing through, but we do not have any sustainable populations of them in NYS. If we did, they would be on camera somewhere and hunters doing large drives and covering huge amounts of ground would have kicked one up at some point. Plenty of coyotes get flushed out by deer drives, a mtn lion wouldn't be an exception to that. 

    Not saying that these animals are running rampant thru NYS whatsoever, but I do disagree with someone saying that no-way, no-how, ever/never have these been here. They've been here, and they WILL be seen again. 

  4. Trail cameras?

    We had a real good 2 1/2 yr old buck on camera one year, twice.

    It vanished and we thought someone killed it............I ended up with that very deer, a year later on Thanksgiving Day, now I don't have to look for it anymore..........it's right above the television.

    Bet that a cougar might not be caught that often on camera either?Z?

    Only a good suspicion..........

  5. My son and a local Mennoite young man saw a cougar/mountain lion/panther, whatever you want to call it, cross the road in front of them right up out of town here one late evening a few years ago.

    These young men have lived/played in the local woods when not working since they were kids, and KNOW what a bobcat looks like.

    Both saw it, and both mention it from time to time.

    I thought that the NYSDEC released several pairs in the Adirondacks some years ago??

  6. We did not fire a round, yet, but let small bucks walk on Saturday, with one chasing. No visual on any antlered bucks on Sunday.

    Saw 17 total deer, on the opener, 16 on Sunday, and almost hit one on the way home last night.

    Last night saw a button buck TRYING to mount an adult doe.

    She was basically prancing in and out of this thick cover below one of our blinds, with Jr. in tow.

    Her tail never went down, flopping from side to side, almost saying come and get some of this, and as soon as she'd stop, he'd try to climb on. Wasn't working......

    Her fawns were also blasting in and out of that tag-alder bottom, trying to figure what the hell mom was doing. Quite comical.

    I found it odd that with her smell blowing into more thick stuff, that a shooter didn't surface.

    I can see up the hill for a looooooooong ways from that one blind, and saw chasing(with the binoculars) up there also, but too dim, and too far to make the call on what he was.

  7. Had a family of does get spooked over it before, and had a button buck in muzzle season once smell the scent wick I had on the back of it..........so funny to watch him bounce around, and almost run sideways around it.

    Never had a shooter buck come to it....yet.

  8. As the story goes, there was an ex cross-country runner from Chittenango, NY, that used to cut a fresh large track in the Moose River Plains area and would literally run them right down. 

    He carried a Winchester lever, rope, knife.

    I used to hunt up in/around Indian Lake, and over in the Jessup River area.

    Many miles between deer, no doubt.

    Now, we just stay south.........not the same at all.

  9. My son had one on his stomach after being in a tree stand most of the afternoon this past Monday.

    Gotta be careful..........

    Shot a big male coyote a couple years back on the southern gun opener, it was INFESTED.

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