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  1. Cayuga 9-12-17 Fish time fishing Cayuga today. Ussally fish Seneca but that's the dead sea this year so we moved. Launched out of taughannock and trolled north. Fished from 11 to 4pm. Went 4 for 7, 2 drink Lakers and 2 4-5 pounders. White ff combo and dodger/spin n glo on 7 color lead where the hots. Lost a screamer on the lead half way into the boat. Be at it again tomorrow morning
  2. Sodus bay in september info? Me and the wife are heading up Watkins Glen in September from the 10-15 for for her annual birthday trip to fish Seneca. Shes never caught a salmon from the lake and I would love to catch her one. Looks like sodus would be the easiest to get to but don't know anything about sodus. I've only ever fished the power plant to a little north of the salmon river. How's the salmon fishing around that time of year? What type of miles/depth we talking? We only have a 17ft deep v walleye boat so I know a calm day is key but don't want too long of a run if it gets nasty. Also any suggestions on a launch? Thanks. ~Brad
  3. I use shower curtain hangers (same as offshore uses) about 2.99 for 12. I get the alligator clip assortment for 6.99 from harbor freight tools (hole bunch for cheap). And I prefer to use silicone vacuum hose from any auto parts store for about 6 dollars for 8ft. Its a lot more smooth then rubber and I think it gives a better release. Crimp the alligator clip fast to the shower curtain hander, a little solder to keep it there and slip on some hose to cover the teeth on the clip and you done. Work great and can make a lot for cheap. Would never spend 5 dollars on a release.
  4. A runabout is what you want. That style fits bow riders and cuddys. Just bought one monday.
  5. I purchase a 2009 tohatsu 9.8 last year. I would not trade it for any other motor. That thing will idle all day with out a miss. Awesome for trolling and also run it on my Jon boat without an issue. Save the money and buy a tohatsu
  6. Sorry Im in Pa. Have them cut out all the rust cancer and repair it and plated while there. Also paint it once welded so it lasts. Cant tell you how many things I fix then see it a month later rusted solid because they didnt paint it. Im to the point where all repairs get painted before they leave the shop, color mathing or not.
  7. I do custom weld for a living. As long as the metal is in good shape it should be able to be welded. Take it to someone that knows what there doing though. Have them do a V-grove on each side and weld it then I would recommend plating it for extra strenght. If it broke there once it will prob break there again if its not plated.
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