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  1. Awesome, thanks for the great tips and info, am looking forward to going out next saturday to give it another shot. Maybe even radio check to see if anyone is out there. Thanks again Rich
  2. Thanks for the invite Musky, and info. have to get some tips on Tiger fishing too, been wanting to do that for a couple of years now. Shade, yes we use a fish hawk also, sorry for not stating all the specifics, and have been trying to fish in the 55-48* water, must be just a bad day, they cant all be good, i just cant get up there that often, Family time in the summer. So i was trying to see if we were doing anything wrong. Locating the bait fish seems like 1 thing but we might need new sonar to do that effectively, or know what we are looking for/at. Once again thanks for the tips they are greatly appreciated! Rich
  3. Cool, thnx for the pointers, ya we dont get to close to the other boats, but are hanging around the locations in the a.m. but then they all scatter lol, and we figure they must have quit or heard something good. Rich
  4. Ok, We start off launching in Mexico Bay, drive out north of the launch till about 120fow, and set up to troll, we usually troll north and west of the launch till almost 200fow,(because of the DEC report saying tons of action between 120-180). The thing is once we are out there and nothing is going on I want to pick up the radio, to try and get info on maybe what depths others are marking, or color of hot lures, but they kind of make it seem like no one will tell anything. Do you know the area i am talking about? If so what are some locations around that area so i can try to keep an eye on the reports from around there. I was basically looking to see if the fish set up in certain depths at this time, and perfer certain lures, do they hang in schools? that kind of stuff. My uncle knows the basics of fishing for them but not reasoning behind the stuff i am looking for, he try's all the different lures and what not and changes depths here and there but there is alot of lake, and you can be fishing 100 miles from the fish if you dont know why they are not there. We have sonar but that thing was showing fish all day in the 60-160, and it was showing them every couple of seconds 2-3 at a time, but i was saying that it didnt have to always be fish cause the hummingbird shows anything as a fish right? Btw I am from the Utica area. Rich P.S. Guess i am looking to just talk to people who know what they are doing and why they are doing it that way so i can better understand, and sorry if this is jumbled lol i am trying to think of what i am looking for and type it at the same time.
  5. Fish up to Ontario a few times a year, but last Sat. was the first time in 2-3 years. I go out with my uncle and his buddy that have been going for years. We had probably 6 hits, but no takers. We fished 120-170 ftw, with our lines 80-120, marked fish here and there from 60-140, using Flasher and Fly's, spoons, and J-plugs. Trying to get some pointers on fishing styles, good baits, depths, that work certain times of the season and where abouts the fish are hanging out this time of year. Hear allot of talk on the radio, but mostly in fisherman talk i guess cause I don't understand allot of what they are saying, i know no one wants to give up hot spots and what not, but some general info on depths, and what they are hiittin would make the trip up that way worth it lol. The problem is they have they're techniques that use to work for them years ago, but they will beat them to death all day even with nothing hitting. They wont use the radio to try to talk because of people being rude and such when they try to talk or get some info in the bite, a bunch of years back. Anyways we usually launch in Mexico, so any info on what spots are around that area that may produce, or so that i may see in the fishing report forum. Thanks for any responses, Rich
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