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  1. ive owned a startcraft 176 superfisherman and currently a 205 Trophy, obviously the 205 has a much bigger platform and more fishing room, i cant speak to the newer starcrafts but the layout in the alumacraft was a lot more my style. The alumacraft is for sale currently if you're in the market.

  2. The first thing, go into your sonar setting and select the correct transducer that you're using, there should be a silver tag on the cable with the model number, if you don't have it selected right you're only getting about half the power. Select the correct transducer and click SAVE.

    Then I'm sonar setting if fishing under 50' of water select shallow water, if deeper then keep it in general.

    With an 83/200 or 50/200, set to 200 if fishing shallow or when running, 83 or 50 in deeper water

    You can play around with ping and dial it in while your out there, I think 18 is where I had mine. But once it's tuned right you should be about to get great returns IMG_1488420541.383712.jpg

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