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  1. Hi Best bet is for you to spend your money in Pulaski many stores carry exactly what you need for this type of fishing and you can ck the fit, not every manufactures have same dimensions so you may buy from the mail something that you need to return. With the season being slow many running discounted prices. My suggestion is to buy a breathable waders I own one of this simms http://whitakers.com/cgi-bin/htmlos.cgi/0081447.2.1734144066018339132/product_information.html and korkers boots they have a interchangable sole so you can use for different type of fishing http://whitakers.com/cgi-bin/htmlos.cgi/0081463.2.1566168406815984423/product_information.html When you buy quality stuff will last you for many years, and if you like fishing you will definitely get hooked on the steelhead. You can find also a waders for under a 100 many options to chose from . Some stores open 4-5 am and stay open late. So when you get to buy fishing licence you get your stuff at same time.
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