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  1. Awesome report! Reading this from work makes me wish I was on the water. Quick question....What kind of rods are those pink ones you are using?
  2. So, Ive been wanting to try Lake Ontario for kings the last couple of years, but other obligations kinda killed those plans. So this year I am going to plan a trip early enough that I have to go! Right now I am thinking Id like to take a trip sometime in May, and maybe another one in August, I will probably be launching out of olcott. Will I have to make long runs to find fish this time of year, or will they be fairly close? I have dipsey rods, and downrigger rods that should hold up, but I am a little lost when it comes to running planer boards. Most of my trolling is done in erie, so I am use to running weighted plugs or jets off of planer boards. I hear a lot of people talk about leadcores and copper for salmon. Is it a must to have leadcore or copper rigs in may? Or will riggers and dispey be enough? Thanks
  3. Hello, I am looking to make a trip to the olcott area the weekend of aug 27th, 28th for my dad's 60th bday. This is a little last minute but I was going to bring my boat to fish out of, but I thought it would just be a lot more relaxing taking a charter out. Can anyone recommend a good charter for the area, and is it too short notice to book for this weekend? Also, any other recommendations for the area are appreciated.
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