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  1. we lunched out of severne at 7am fished till 230 took one laker. packed up whent to keuka had one on and that was it i couldent make any thing work today. marked a ton of fish so thay wer there just not biting my stuff. how did u guys do? and how.
  2. give me your number and ill call u and let u no whats up with running big boards got to be careful running diff depth lures on the same board u can get tangled easy. rod 1 closest rod 2 rod 3 furthest away. rod 1 will be closest to your motor rod 3 will be closest to your bow u whant your out side lines to go over the in side lines .run the same lures and the same length lines. so if u are running jr thundersticks run all jr thunder stick on that board. on the other board run 3more matching lures. different colors though. u will get alot less tangles and be able to turn on a dime to get back on them fish there are so many tips to give ya but not enough time u can run any thing on them. fish all year with them i could go on and on hope that helps ya
  3. what kind of flys and flashers do u guys use on the finger lakes. need to get some just dont no what kind and size. thanks
  4. i would love to go with ya but got to work. u guys are a big help thanks.
  5. dad whats to fish for landlocked salmon on seneca. I never fished for them. i troll for walleyes and lakers a lot but never LL. CAN YOU GUYS HELP ME OUT ON PUTTING A LANDLOCK IN THE BOAT? THANKS
  6. whats the ups and downs on planer boards and outriggers? seems like u can run the same stuff off both.
  7. metal shower rings work awesome u can find them on ebay cheap.
  8. new at trolling for trout just wondering if i could get some help? how deep should i start/what to use. any thing will help. THANK YOU
  9. do any of guys troll crankbaits for tout in the finger lakes?
  10. I whant to start fishing for eyes on ontario just dont no where to start on the big lake. i hear alot about the eastern end. THANK YOU FISHERMAN.....
  11. I cant find any power dive minnows does any one no where i could get some? thank you.
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