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  1. Hi everyone,


    The weather this weekend let me clean and organize some gear. I have some gear that could use a new home. Some new, some may have been run and some are used. Many are doubles. Price is listed below but if you feel that is not reasonable send me a PM and I'm sure we can work something out. They are meant to be fished and not sitting in my tackle box.  





    8" pro trolls - $50

    11" meat paddles - $55


    $100 for everything or best reasonable offer!


    Located in Penfield, NY (14526)








  2. 11 hours ago, Jomat said:

    If you’re running meat (you should be) def get some of the kingfisher/fish n chip style flashers as well.  I’ve also got some west coast shortbus 11” paddles that have been very effective (no echip).  Got a new Gibbs flasher I can’t wait to get in the water….these flasher are not as speed forgiving as spin doctors (seem to take more fish at a little slower speed) and 11+” flashers have more drag and can make fish act weird when u get them near the boat….but man are they effective for chinook.


    With the short bus flashers, are you running meat rigs, flies or spoons? With the pure rotational movement of the shortbus I was curious if flies/meat would get the same action as a traditional flasher.




  3. Hi Everyone,


    I'm currently going through the process of re-tying all leaders and terminal tackle for my lead core (3,5,7,10), copper (300,400) and dipsy (2) set ups. I have traditionally run the leader lengths true to my rod length to aid in netting/playing the fish. The more I read, the more I learn I may be missing out. I am sure there is some variety in the time of year and what you are pulling behind each but in general for an angler who gets 5-7 trips on the water in a year, what is an appropriate leader length for LC/Copper/Dipsy?


    I appreciate in advance anyone who is willing to take time out of their day to answer my question.


  4. I considered adding a downrigger to the boat but have sided against it.


    I have the mounting set up now available: All new


    12 inch black track with end caps and mounting hardware

    45 degree angle mounts

    3 inch non-swivel downrigger mount

    12 inch insert pad







  5. Hi Guys,


    Im looking to upgrade my cooler. I plan to keep mine anchored along the swim platform. I'm familiar with the Yeti line of products that are commonly displayed at outdoor stores but am curious if others have success with different manufacturers that might come in under the price of a Yeti.


    Thanks in advance,


  6. Hey Guys,


    I have a reel that I bought off Ebay used (bad idea) that needs some work. I remember talking with someone at the Trollers Association Flea Market last year here in Rochester that worked on reels. Would anyone on here know that individual or someone in the Rochester area that works on reels?


    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out,


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