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  1. On 6/29/2017 at 0:01 PM, cr1 said:

    Is there any where to dock close to the channel? Contacted Krenzers and have not heard back

    Thanks in advance if someone can help!!!


    Nothing is close to the channel. Arneys, Sodus, Kaitlin, and Krenzers docs on the South side of the point are all about 15 minutes at idle speed to open water.

  2. If you are looking for a slip for the weekend, There are about 10 slips being set aside at Sodus marina. Contact The dockmaster (Rick) Info at www.sodusmarina.com or call Rick at 315-483-6947


    We have great clean facilities, a swimming pool, and hot tub. We also have the best launch in all of Sodus Bay if you are trailering. 

  3. I still don't see the problem with running this Derby? Seems like there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we are not all aware of. Whatever.... I like the idea of a derby in between the main LOC derbies. 


    I would like to chime in only because I am bored and really like to argue when I am bored...LOL


    I do wonder... "stole all the LOC Derby intellectual property and claimed it as his own." Was this copyright registered? Is this copyright vigorously defended? I would say it is not. Was this material originally borrowed/plagiarized from the ESLO derby or some other derby 20 years ago? Who Knows? Those rules have been around so long I doubt the LOC Derby knows where they came from. Most derbys pretty have very similar rules that are written almost identically. See here: http://www.rotaryfishingderby.com/rules/ or here http://www.eriecanalderby.com/rules.html 


    "filed a false police report claiming that **** stole the LOC Derby scale" Not sure if this is true but, my guess is that the report would more be for trespassing. Once an item is left on someone else's property, you would need permission to take it from the property. I know in my business if this happens - we are told that we cannot go onto one of our customers property and take back what is rightfully ours without the property owners permission. 


    "Last weekend Troy showed up at the LOC awards ceremony in an attempt to intimidate him and disrupt the ceremony!" Troy is very intimidating....LOL


    It is a shame that it has come to this. I would hope that we could have several successful derbies to fish in. I guess we should try to keep it positive.

  4. I heard about this thread last week but haven't read it until just now. 


    I cannot believe how many of you are so pissed off about this derby. I think Troy and Dawn are just trying to get something going in between LOC events and to drive a little business to their tackle shop in Sodus. I don't see anything wrong with that whatsoever. 


    Is this derby perfect?....no. But I can assure that they are not doing it to "rip anyone off". Do you really think they would risk their business and reputation to rip you off for $30? That is ridiculous. For them to have a prize pool of $3000 they would need 100 entrants. How could they know if they would get 20 or 200? Lots of people said that they would enter it. I said that I would enter it. I was not able to due to being out of town for much of it. Some of my friends in Sodus said they would enter it but didn't. They didn't enter it because they were out of town also. WHLS may have counted on many of us that said "yes" but backed out when it came time to pony up the $30. Maybe they were very optimistic about a big prize pool because many of us said that we were in originally. In either case, the derby wasn't designed to rip anyone off.


    If anyone thinks they can run a better derby then get a website and do it. Otherwise, quit your ****ing and go fishing :)  

  5. It is truly ridiculous (in a good way) how much the sponsors throw in for this event. Nick and Theresa and Tim and Jeff and many others work really hard to get items donated and it really shows. I am shocked (in a good way) at how much SWAG is given away to the veterans and the captains at this event. I know all of us would be happy to take out these guys if no swag was given away. It is really nice of all of these sponsors to donate thousands and thousands of dollars to this event.


    I'd also like to make a special shout out to Sammy G. aka Sodus Point Sammy for his Super generous donation that comes out of his personal funds in order to help out the Captains in this event. It is one thing for companies to donate their products and in turn promote their products and an entirely different thing for Sammy to dig into his wallet and donate over $1500.00 toward this great cause. If you haven't had the chance to meet Sammy you should. He is a great guy.

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