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  1. Is $125,000.00 in your price range? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  2. What type of boat do you have for a trade we maybe able to work something out if your interested in my Scout? [ Post made via iPhone ]
  3. I'm sorry to hear that, I hope your injury is nothing serious. If you are interested I have a 2009 Scout 295 Abacco for sale. It has twin Yamaha 250's and is set up to fish. It's a perfect mix between a fishing boat and a family boat. I am selling it just the boat and electronics or completely loaded with downriggers rods and so on. The boat is still under warranty and the engines have an extended warranty. It is at Henderson Harbor, NY currently.
  4. How about a 29 footer. 2009 Scout 295 Abacco with twin Yamaha 250's Set up and ready to fish.
  5. I was only in 100' of water and I was trolling at 1.6 - 1.8 mph at the ball. I was pulling spoons and flies with flashers mainly green in color. Will you be out this weekend? If so I will give you a call on the radio, my boat name is Reel Twisted. I don't own any cowbells or spin doctors yet, maybe that was also a problem.
  6. On Saturday I ran to the Stony Point Lighthouse - Stony Island area and trolled for 4hrs with spoons and flies not hits all day. On Sunday I trolled up into the Black River and in front of its mouth and had the same luck. I must be doing something wrong. I marked a lot of baitfish and fish, but had no luck not even a release. Does anyone have a clue of what I could be doing wrong?
  7. Thanks for the help. I will give it a try and let you know how we did.
  8. It is my first time fishing on Lake Ontario this coming weekend and I was hoping that someone could give me an idea of where to start looking for Salmon or Lake Trout. We will be in the area of Association Island and do not even know where to start. My son and I are novices to the lake and any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I have spent a lot of time reading and the amount of information posted is incredible. My son and I will be trying our hand at salmon fishing for the first time and my knowledge is beyond the point of limited. I see postings for spoons, flashers, j-plugs and flies to name a few. Help!!!! The only thing I am sure of is that I have a 23' boat, it will be docked at Henderson Harbor and I have Cannon Uni-Troll 10TS downriggers. I have no clue what I should be pulling behind them. Could you please help us get a start on what kind of lures we should start with and if possible colors and any special techniques for a newbie. I know this is a huge request, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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