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  1. I.m reducing the price to $500.00 for this unit.
  2. I.m reducing the price for this unit to $1200.00.
  3. yes, still have it. and yes it's a plus with plotter and gps. l fired it up yesterday for someone. thanks for asking.
  4. This unit will requires either a hyd drive or a linear drive. Also a rudder reference unit can be added.but not needed. This 5000+ head controls the drive unit.
  5. I would say the fittings to your boat hyd system and the screws and maybe a seatalk talk cable to your chartplotter. seatalk cable will vary length will vary.
  6. I have a ST5000 autopilot with a flexgate compass for sale. Asking $275.00. Contact me at [email protected] or 585-727-6665. Thanks for looking.
  7. I have for sale a ST6000I autopilot with a 150g course computer,rudder indicator,flexgate compass and a type 1 hyd. pump. Unit was working when removed from boat. Boat was upgraded with newer autopilot. Contact me @ [email protected] or 585-727-6665. Asking $700.00 for the autopilot. Thanks for looking.
  8. I have for sale the components for a Garmin GHP10 autopilot. 1) Garmin GHC 10 control head 2) Garmin CCU GHP 10 Course computer 3) Garmin GHP10 Shadow water drive 4) Garmin GHP10 buzzer These are parts for the GHP 10 autopilot. Only need is a ECU and a garmin pump. Just add the pump and ECU and you have a complete autopilot. ( ECU $470.00, type 2 pump $750.00) I can get both for you if you want. Complete garmin autopilot for less than $2000.00. Real good deal. Asking $750.00 for pack. contact me @ [email protected] or 585-727-6665. thats for looking.
  9. For optimum performance, add Raymarine's Smart Heading Sensor and you'll have the radar image overlay the chart. The Smart Heading Sensor is a gyro-stabilized fluxgate compass system that provides fast, stable, and accurate heading data over NMEA 0183. It significantly improves stability of radar/chart overlay, MARPA performance, target acquisition, retention, and calculation of target tracking data, especially when conditions deteriorate. Easy to install, set up, and calibrate using soft keys and menu. This unit was removed due to a upgrade. worked great. contact me @ [email protected] or 585 727 6665. Unit new was $800.00. Asking $400.00. Thanks for looking.
  10. Have a Garmin Remanufactured GSD20 sounder module and cable for sale. Just like new. Was used as a test unit. Asking $175.00. Contact me at 585-727-6665 or [email protected] Thanks for looking
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